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[Review + Discount Code] Sudio NIVÅ, Free The Sound Wireless Earphones From Sudio Sweden

If you had followed LUMINNEJ long enough, you would have discovered that we are quite a music lover. We enjoy music since gosh know when. We could remember we grew up with MTVs and watching them and recording the music videos we love onto empty VHS tapes (yes, that was how long ago, our generation *_^). So you could probably guess how excited it was when we received an email from this established Swedish brand who takes sound and music absolutely as serious and go as far as handmade most majority of their parts in the production process and is a true believer in bringing the best sound to the world. Yes, we are talking about yet another Swedish design aesthetics here. This time around, it is SUDIO, Swedish design in earphones. Here for more.

We were promised two sets of their latest addition to their already impressive collection of earphones, this time around, it is their Sudio NIVÅ Truly Wireless Earphones - the white and the black colour from the series. We received it, we believe within two weeks after they left their warehouse in Sweden, which was pretty decent delivery time. Viola, it was as they had promised, two boxes - white and black one each, and with a small paper bag with a small red ribbon, for gifting purposes we presumed. This time around, as part of the on-going October promotion, any purchase of the Sudio NIVÅ comes with FREE one set of 4 pieces of lovely designed coasters. So, be sure to grab your discount code, LUMINNEJ if you are keen to purchase these babies! Retailed at MYR425 on their official website at www. here.

Aesthetics and Design
Very clean minimalist packaging, as with most Swedish designs, pretty similar to apple aesthetics, look and feel. Upon unboxing, there they were, the round casing with the word NIVÅ embossed on the top cover. The rounded-off edges lend to its sophistication in simplicity and looks pleasing. It looks sporty and we love the fact that they are complimented by metallic buttons for basic commands, especially the rose gold accent for the white series. Very simple in aesthetic. It almost looks like a compact powder or cushion foundation *_^

There is a full leather string attached to it for easy carrying we believe. Well thought out indeed. The casing doubles up as a charger deck as there is a micro USB charging port at the back and when you pop your earphones into the compartment, they will charge up. Best of all, it's magnetic, they won't fall off even if you hold it upside down, same goes to the cap of the casing, it's a little magnetic too, it just snaps closed and opened with ease. It also comes with replaceable earbuds in varied sizes, S, M and L to cater to different sizes of ears, which is pretty awesome. They feel soft on the ears and really comfortable. There are 4 little LED light indicators to show the status of charging.

Overall, design wise is absolutely stylish, definitely met its intended objective from the beginning, to invent earphones that move beyond merely their basic functions but also being able to turn into accessories, just like watches or sunglasses, for that matter.

Basic Specifications about the Sudio NIVÅ
Drivers | 6.2mm dynamic driver
Frequency Respond | 18Hz - 22 KHz
Sensitivity | 105dB
Battery life | 3.5 hours playback, charing case provides 3 charges
Charging | 10 minutes quick charging, 60 minutes to full charge
Range | 10m
Weight | 10g

Our experience with the Sudio NIVÅ
We are no audio engineer or audio elitist, just sharing based on our experience as a normal earphone user and we have to admit we are not one who goes for heavy based sounding kind of sound quality, we prefer music to be quite pleasing to the ears, without too much of the highs or the lows. We found the sound quality was pretty reasonable. It sounded rich and full to us, generally. The only thing is that one can't control the sound volume. Certain pieces we did find them a tad too soft at times. We noticed the sound cancellation or isolation is pretty impressive. Once you put them on, you can't really hear much of other sound except your music (can be a good or bad element, be alert of environmental sound though when you need to be and not get too engrossed in the music world as one can get carried away with sweet sounds offer by the earphones *_^).

Pairing was fairly easy and to function the earphones are simple and straightforward, as per instructions included in the manual. Click once to play and pause, click twice to play the next music or song. Click to answer call (there is a microphone on the right earphone) and press and hold 2 seconds to switch back to playback mode. Battery life as per stated, we didn't find any issues with that. We love the portability of it and the casing/charger is most definitely an added advantage.

We had issues with connectivity as it happened to us on one occasion that the earphones switched off automatically for a moment there even though it was connected wireless via bluetooth to our iphone and the phone was just within reach. Then it connected back again. Furthermore, we did experience occasions whereby it got disconnected and connected just by us moving between rooms in the living space (definitely within the 10 meter range). We were not too sure this could be due to the wi-fi connection within our vicinity but quite unlikely we felt.

To our surprise, our left earphone of our white series could not work after not long we started using it. We did try and resetting it back to factory setting, as per what we were advised but still to no avail. Luckily, we were told by Sudio Sweden that a new set will be replaced for us soon. The black one works absolutely fine! So, just a note if you happen to experience the same situation like us, their return policy is of such - the warranty policy is covered within 12 months after the purchase. Warranty claim can only be done by providing order number and/or receipt (showing the date of purchase and model type of earphones) and the warranty only covers manufacturing defects-related issues (not personal negligence/damage during usage like water damage, falling etc. ... it is not water or sweat proof by the way) Additionally, purchase from unauthorised reseller/secondhand are not being covered by the warranty.

All in all, design and aesthetic wise, the Sudio NIVÅ is hands down one of the coolest and sexiest looking earphones we have own thus far! Most definitely insta-worthy and travel friendly. We surely could tell the amount of love and passion poured into designing and making the earphones as the brand pays attention to minute details of it. As for performance wise, sound part is as per discussed above, perhaps luck wasn't on our side with this unit. We wanted so much to fall in love with it but we had trouble with it to a certain extent.

Having said that, a huge thanks to SUDIO SWEDEN for sending these along (here for their collections). We have been enjoying our music and watching things online with the uber cool earphones and it delivers during those time that it was functioning (the right side).  Here for more at their instagram page to drool over them.

Have a luminously gorgeous new week, lovelies and we hope you enjoyed your halloween *_^

With love, 
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  1. These look great. So far, Sudio earphones are pretty nice. I've not tried the Niva ye, so thanks for sharing. Great photos as well. Happy weekend. x/Madison


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