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[Review] Dior Backstage | Glow & Shine Like A Dior Model On The Runway

If one watches enough backstage behind-the-scene videos of fashion runway shows, one would be very familiar with the rush and adrenaline that come with prepping and preparing the models' makeup, hair, wardrobe and all, the list seems to go on and on. Makeup is a crucial part of the whole process. This brings us to this blog post (which is long overdue by the way, our apologies), we got a taste of the models line up and got an exclusive VIP pass to witness the launch of Dior's recent Dior Backstage professional performance makeup line at KLCC. It was uber cool and fun! Thanks #DiorMY for having us *_^

The concept behind this first ever makeup collection inspired by Dior backstage was developed and designed by Peter Philips, Dior's Creative and Image Director for makeup to give women around the world a taste of professional makeup. Surprisingly the collection is very extensive and broad, beauty products from face, eyes, lips, makeup brushes right down to nail (here for more)We shall share with you our experience using selected products from the range. Let's get started, shall we?

Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette (MYR188)
If you are looking for that glow, this complexion palette is your answer. It is face palette with two luminous blush shades and two radiant highlighters for a customisable backstage look and glow! Tucked in a see-through acrylic casing, simple, no fuss, lightweight and portable, we feel, the two highlighters are in white and golden, the blushers, needless to say would be rosy pink and bronze (incidentally, can double up as a bronzer).

We absolutely love this powder, they are concentrated with shimmery pigments which are pretty subtle and not overpowering. We feel they can be worn alone or blend together to give the face different look according to the mood and occasion. According to Peter, the bronze can be swept over the rosy pink blusher. It is super versatile, we love the fine texture of it and easy to blend to add life and dimension (especially some natural glow) to the face. They are buildable too but don't get too over excited or heavy handed though, it is pretty pigmented, we feel. We love this palette! More about how to get that glow here *_^

Backstage Face & Body Foundation (MYR155)
Supposedly enriched with beauty-enhancing pigments, this waterproof formula of the Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation comes in a plastic bottle, light and handy. It is said to have natural glow finish and the waterproof formula creates an invisible mesh on the skin to resist extreme conditions like workout sessions, water, extreme temperatures and humid environments. It can even resists the bright lights both backstage and on the catwalk!

Oh wow ... sounds like a super foundation. It is quite a wow factor when we found out during the event that this foundation comes in 40 shades though! That is quite impressive, but I guess if you coined it as a backstage foundation, it does kind of have to, to cater to different types of skin tones of the models, right? 21 shades out of that are available for Malaysia.

Even though it is said to have a natural finish with a glow, we found the texture falls slightly towards fairly high coverage though and definitely not a dewy finish, it is more of a matte finish. It is buildable, though. For us, the texture falls between the Diorskin Forever (here previously) and Dior Prestige (here previously), somewhat. Another thing we also did notice was that the foundation seem to spill over the nozzle after opening the screw on silver cap. Something needs to be done to improve on this packaging though, we feel, as it can get a little messy. More on the foundation here.

Dior Backstage Eye Palette (MYR202)
Obvious across the collection is its clear "open concept" acrylic packaging where you can already see the actual content of the products, same goes to this eye palette. Comes in 8 shades of either Warm or Cool neutral tones and an eye primer, this palette looks really versatile and appealing from the get go! The formula will give one the matte, satin and shiny effects. Like its counterpart, it is highly pigmented, but fun to play with nonetheless. We feel the natural and neutral shades will compliment most skin tones and create multiple looks for varied occasions. We do enjoy using it thus far, in a moderate with with the glittery ones though *_^ Here for more.

All in all, it was great fun playing around with the collection and having the opportunity to attend the launch! One can always discover the full range here. Christmas is fast approaching and Dior has unveiled their Holiday Collection for 2018 called Midnight Wish, we shall let you drool all over them here, if you have not already done so *_^

Thanks again Dior Malaysia for the continuous love and support to LUMINNEJ. Wishing the brand greater success in the coming year!

Have a luminously gorgeous weekend, lovelies!

With love, 
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  2. You are writing some Amazing tips. This article really helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  3. Oh how cool! This line sounds amazing. I was in the Dior store a couple of weeks ago and they had this new spray foundation for an air brush finish. I had a demonstration of it and I really liked it. I may go back and purchase it with the special brush they make for it.

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  4. I will definitely checkout this. I love shopping online.


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