Monday, June 5, 2017

[Review] Dior Prestige Le Nectar de Teint Foundation & Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder, The One That Stole Our Heart

We have been having quite an affair with Dior for some time now and this time around, we are delighted (though terribly embarrassed by our lateness) to share with you another two of our Dior love - a foundation from the Dior Prestige family and a shimmering powder that we could not say no to (unfortunately, it took us this long to get to it that this limited edition highlighting powder is no longer available, but one can always find her equally enchanting partners within the same family here! No, you are not too late). Yes, we are that Dior gal who adore these little luxury ever so enthusiastically that it feels a tad guilty, but in the most beautiful harmless way *_^ Come with us and dive into the luxurious world of Dior beauty, will you? 

Dior Prestige Nectar de Teint Foundation SPF20 PA++ (MYR390 at 30ml)
Comes in a exquisite glass rectangular pump bottle, the weight itself already gives the foundation that prestige feel. Dior Prestige le Nectar de Teint teams the revitalizing power of the Rose de Granville with Dior makeup expertise to provide the skin with the suppleness, freshness and satin radiance of the rose's petals. Enriched with the Pearl of Petal™complex, its formula blends effortlessly with the skin to deliver a radiant satiny finish and flawless correction. The shade that we have is 010 Ivory, out of the total of 4 shades available (more shades selection here)

The fluid is pretty thick and consistent. Shake well before use though. It has a very good coverage, glides onto the face smoothly and if need be, one can even add a little more to cover pigmentation or dark spots further. It immediately evens out our skin tone well. We were extremely impressed upon our first use. The foundation comes with a beautiful looking brush, inspired by the techniques of professional makeup artists. It is supple and dense, soft yet firm. It did feel really comfortable and soft on our skin and picked up the foundation well and evenly spread nicely over our face. Application with brush will most definitely give one a more polished finish and look. 

Something a little interesting we did notice. Over time, we discovered that the fluid consistency got a little thicker than when we first used it. Perhaps we moisturize our skin well enough on our first use. So, the foundation works better with well prepped skin and base, even though the foundation has a serum texture to it. It also has a slight pleasant scent to it which is not overwhelming for us. This is most definitely one foundation that is richer, unlike the very runny and watery texture of the Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation which we reviewed previously here. We love each for different reasons and finishing, obviously. This prestige one is most definitely good on days we feel we need more coverage *_^

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder 
This is one wonderfully packaged powder. Comes with a small kabuki brush, this luminizing shimmering sculpting powder is as light as breeze, featuring a formula highly concentrated with illuminating pigments in a universal shade that can be adapted to any skin tone, apparently. If you want that little shimmer on the high points of your face to catch that extra light, leaving you looking radiant and glowing with an iridescent touch and feel to it, this powder is most definitely one you should look out for. The texture is fine and soft, it is subtle and never too overpowering that could possibly leave you looking like a shining crystal disco ball. 

We love the subtlety of the powder. The shade that we have is 001, out of the 4 shades available. Here for more. Yes, we have to agree with Dior, it is most imperceptible kind of wonderful shimmery texture which we adore about the powder. Definitely a winner! Thanks Dior Malaysia for the love, as always. More about the stunning world of Dior beauty here. Summer is inching closer and we spotted some interesting items from the 2017 Summer Collection Care & Dare already. Meanwhile, you can always keep to-to-date via Dior's Instagram here.

Till our next Dior beauty adventure, have a luminously gorgeous and happy week, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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  1. I wanted a Dior highlighter since forever but kept telling myself that I don't need one because let's face it, I have too many as it is. LOL!

    1. HAhaha I can totally get what you mean Shireen *_^ dilemma dilemma huh 😌

      Your highlighters you have are amazing! Hope you are keeping well.



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