Monday, May 29, 2017

[Inspiration | Musing] She Is All That She Dreams Of, And More.

Free, drifted, enviable, at times confused, she represents the deepest part of her soul, she hangs onto the final breath of her insanity hoping to infuse herself with that sense of freedom that she longs to keep close to her heart, but never to be forgotten how fragile that could be. 

She is the hero within herself and the stars and the sun and the moon, for only the clouds could gather them all and make a beautiful universe out of them and sprinkle star dusts that leave trails of delight to those who wish to follow her and see where she leads them.

Give her your shoulder of confidence, show her that a whole world of exploration is out there, yet allow her to retreat to her own world of solitude and quietness at the end of each day, so that she could be who she really wants to be, one who loves the lullaby of words and the imaginations they bring. Let her indulge in her musical notes of fantasising. She is, after all, a dreamer at heart.

She embraces what is hard to bear, yet welcomes the unexpected traces of new discoveries and possibilities. She believes that anything is possible, only if you believe hard and deep enough, ever so foolishly. 

Hello June ... in advance

You are all that she dreams of, and more ...

Visuals via LUMI Pinterest here. Her in black and white | Sensual In Bed | Words on Dreams of Hers | Her Writing At The Coffee Table | Delicate Fingers In The Sun | White Cotton Candy Over An Americano | Clouds And Soft Bed

With love, 
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