Monday, May 1, 2017

Review | Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipsticks

We were totally surprised when our friends at Shu Uemura Malaysia dropped us a message recently and asked if we would be interested to try out some of this awesome Japanese beauty brand's latest offerings in skincare and beauty. Of course, we were super delighted and said yes instantly *_^ Today we shall be sharing a little of our experience using Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipsticks. The two new shades that we have here are PK354 Ocha Pink and OR550 Yo-yogi Orange.

The latest from Shu Uemura is their Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte lipsticks. As the name suggests, it is a range that offers ultra-matte lip colours, yet giving you a creamy texture that you can wear everyday. Like they put it, Comfort Matte You Dare To Wear Everyday. We love the chic white packaging of the lipsticks, upon unboxed, you will find a lip colour with a clear transparent cap, super easy for storing away in handbags or the feel of it in your hand.

PK354 Ocha Pink is a super strong saturated pop of pink for the lips. It is most definitely one colour that can tidy up your dull look and give you that much needed pick-me-up. We find that even though it is a super matte lipstick, it does not feel dry on the lips, in fact, they glide onto our lips effortlessly and impart our lips with that sudden pop of colour. It feels comfortable on our lips, stays put like a stain kind of finish even after eating or drinking, though would definitely look more polished to re-apply.

PR550 Yo-yogi Orange is yet another super bright orange shade that we have come to enjoy. It brings a certain modern chicness to our look, making it contemporary. It has character and makes us feel unique whenever we put on this shade. Definitely a fun colour to put on, day or night. We do notice something about the formula though. It would be best to keep your lips in tip top condition, as in scrub and moisturise your lips well before using these supreme matte colours to bring the best wear and look out of them. Since we have two-toned lips, initially we find it a tad difficult to pull of the looks as the colours may not be opaque enough to fully cover or saturate our lips as completely as we had hope, but we found a way around it by applying a thin layer of foundation before applying the lip colours. With that, it came out looking more even on our lips.

Visuals via Shu Uemura USA online

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick is retailed at MYR95 (3.4g). Different countries perhaps carry different numbers of lip colours, some have 24 (see how PONY the famous makeup Youtuber flaunt the colours here) while Malaysia has a total of 20 shades to choose from (here for more). Supreme Matte are definitely those lipsticks which are comfortable to wear and fun to add onto your existing collections (check out how ShuGirls wear them here!). Thanks Shu Uemura Malaysia for the huge love! Here to discover more about the brand and its latest offering or drop by any of the stores here to find the shade(s) of your choice.

Stay tuned for our next reviews of Shu Uemura's skincare range that we had the opportunity to try out. Shall share with you soon. Till then, stay luminous and happy always, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. The shades looks amazing on you, Jeann! I really need to try Shu Uemura more, the only thing I tried from the brand is the eyelash curler.

    1. Hahaa thanks thanks dearest Shireen! Yes, they have some really nice strong shades, as well as some flattering ones.

      Aaahhh Shu has one of the makeup oil removers too *_^ yes do check them out whenever you have a chance. You may just be surprised!

      Hope you are having a fun week so far! Take care.


  2. one of the best** oil removers haha

  3. oMG im in love with that pink shade! gotta grab one soon.
    You know how much I love the orange shade of it I've but this pink one is totally ruling over me right now! ...maybe because you just looking too good on that ;)

    much love… GreenStory


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