Saturday, May 6, 2017

Introducing the NEW Gucci Guilty Absolute | An Absolute Seal Of Masculinity And Its Freedom

What defines a man? Is it the man he has come to embrace, or the man he foresees to become? Perhaps that journey of becoming the man whom he wishes to be has a great deal to do with understanding the dichotomy of taking up responsibilities and the freedom that he yearns to have and balancing these two opposing worlds. At times, a certain scent will elicit such qualities in a man or reflect what kind of a man he is.

We had the opportunity to share a beautiful afternoon lunch with Gucci Malaysia at Chinoz On The Park recently, to allow them to introduce us to the brand's latest offering from the fragrance department - Gucci Guilty Absolute. The roadshow and promotion for the fragrance is from 28th April till 7th May 2017. It was a great set-up at the Suria KLCC Concourse area (just like the previous one which we checked out here before), to say the least and we were impressed by it all. 

Born out of a special collaboration between Creative Director Alessandro Michele and maître perfumeur Alberto Morillas, Gucci Guilty Absolute embodies the liberated man it is made for - an innovative expression of a men's woody scent, yet it breaks the mould of a traditional woody construction. Alberto created a particular blend with a structure that remains unchanged from the first time it is applied to the skin. To do this, he defined the scent with two leading notes, custom-mixing a Leather accord Woodleather™ as a tribute to the House's leather-making roots, and from the majesty of woods, Goldenwood™, a new natural extract of the Nootka Cypress. Intensifying the fragrance's composition are three forms of Patchouli oils with sweet, dark and earthy character, and Vetiver, the fresh and earthy grass from woods.

The textures and colours of cigars and cognacs inspire this bottle design with clean lines and lean glass bottle, finished with a shiny black cap. A tobacco military-coloured outer carton features black interlocking Gs which keeps it classic. The scent is one which is enigmatic in a way that it spells the word masculinity, yet it leaves one the room to explore and be free, in a sense that the woody and leathery hint are subtle enough to capture the fascination of a woman as well, we personally feel. A very warm and pleasant scent.

Gucci Guilty Absolute
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Absolute 50ml (MYR281)
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Absolute 90ml (MYR374)
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Absolute 150ml (MYR429)

Thanks Gucci Malaysia and Priority PR team for having us. Check out their roadshow and promotions at KLCC Centre Court and give it a go, you may just fall in love with the scent. Get to know Gucci as a brand here and here for more about the NEW Gucci Guilty Absolute fragrance. 

Till our next fragrance adventure, have a luminously beautiful weekend, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. Based on your description, this sounds like such a masculine scent that would be complex yet subtle at the same time. The bottle design really makes a statement as well with it's clean lines and sculptural look. The launch event looks like it was very nicely presented. I'm sure that you must have enjoyed it very much and thanks for sharing the experience with us.

    I very much appreciated your kind words of encouragement Jeann. Loss is part of life and it serves as reminder that nothing is forever so we better make the most of our time. I hope you've settled well into your new job and that life is treating you well otherwise too my dear friend. We must hang in there and continue to forge ahead no matter what gets thrown at us right ;D


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