Monday, December 11, 2017

Travel | Royal Langkawi Yacht Club | Our Perfect Marina Sunset Part 2

Once you are bitten, you would shy away? No, you might want to have it more. Well, bitten by the travel bug that is *_^ We are missing Langkawi all over again now that we are back in the KL city with our daily grind. We could not wait till our next travel, honestly. Yes, we are reminiscing over the great laid back time we had at Langkawi here (our first parter) when the amazing Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC) played host to LUMINNEJ and pampered us with a 3-day-2-night getaway, swooning over the sunset view and a carefree lifestyle of a sailor (a modern one who happens to own some super yachts docked at one of the 250 wet berths, by the way *_^).

Our second day saw us renting a car and simply venturing around the island, one of them was that we visited the Sky Bridge of Langkawi. Now that was quite a time. Our adventure continued into the night with appetising dinner, unwinding the day down to a nice sip of margarita, cultural show and just good old chill time with the ever friendly General Manager of the club, Mr. Tayfun Koksal.

More than meets the eye, Mr. Tayfun is not only the person responsible in steering the RLYC to its tip top state as a club today, he is also a man with many hidden talents. On a free day when he is not busy running up and down around the club making sure that his team delivers excellent services to the hotel guests, or making sure that the yachts are all taken good care of, Mr. Tayfun would pick up his painting brushes and splashing colours onto his canvas, producing some pretty impressive artwork, a piece of 3 x 1 meter painting of The Fisherman's Wharf itself, a place that comprises a variety of dining outlets like Scarborough Fish & Chips, LaPaAya Cafe, Sugar Daddy's Ice Cream place and many others, providing much lifestyle culinary cum entertainment experiences from day till night. If one notices, the club is adorned with little wall art decor pieces that make the place uniquely marine-like - the shark head, the mermaid, fishing accessories, fish sculptures and many others.

Charlie's Place Bar & Grill serves up an array of international and fusion cuisine that were flavourful (here for the complete menu). We had the opportunity to dine with Mr. Tayfun during our stay and the dishes basically came in pretty nice portions, delicious and appetising that they filled us up to the brim. We might have even piled up 1 kilo or two while we were there, honestly, haha!

Originally from Germany, Mr. Tayfun has been in Malaysia for more than 25 years (married to a Malaysian), it gives him great insights into the local palette and how we love our local dishes. Hence, a good dose of Malaysian delights are a part of the menu there. It was most definitely a feel of home away from home, only way better.

Our Langkawai Sky Bridge trip was amazingly exciting, to say the least as it was our very first time venturing up into the sky and into such great heights. It was totally worth the hike up. The view was magnificent and lucky star was with us that very morning, it was extremely chilling and windy when we were walking the suspension bridge. The fog was relatively thick, therefore we could not see the supposedly magnificent view of the island. Suspended from a 82 meter high single pylon, the bridge is built on top of the Machinchang mountain and hangs at about 100 meter above ground. It was truly a remarkable experience just being up there. It felt like on top of the world! More about the Langkawi Sky Bridge here.

Guess what? The RLYC is hosting one of the biggest events of the year in Langkawi very soon! Yes, it's The Bee Gees Stayin' Alive Concert at the poolside, 8pm on the 16th December, 2017. Tickets are available now. More details via their Facebook page here. Ticket Hotline would be +604-9664078. Re-live the yesteryears of golden age with memorable numbers from the trio, right in Langkawi. Refreshed and relaxed, our stay at the RLYC was a memorable one. We hope to return there one day.

A huge thanks to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club for hosting us previously. We shall let you discover more about the club via their official website here. The sunset, the chilling time and all things in between, a much rewarding time spent with great company most definitely!

Till our next adventure, wishing you lovelies have a great new week ahead *_^

With love, 
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