Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Review | DECORTÉ AQMW Eye Glow Gems, That Oh So Sparkling & Luminous Glow For Your Eyes

Timeless elegance know no time barrier, beauty will always shine through with brand that believes in bringing out the best sensual side of a woman, any woman, especially those who seek beauty at its best quality. Though these little pots of gems were unveiled few months back, they truly come at theright time gearing up for that festive joyous Christmas party look, we believe. We are indeed drooling over the NEW DECORTÉ AQMW EYE GLOW GEMS eyeshadows (here for more) by this Japanese cosmetic and skincare brand. Don't you think they are so pretty already, hidden within the little decorative and motif covers within that little pots of treasures? Thanks to Decorté Malaysia for sending these along and for the huge love! There were a total of 8 super gorgeous chic shades to play around with and honestly, the result is limitless, entirely up to your own creativity.

Founded in 1970 by Japanese cosmetic and skincare leader, KOSÉ, Decorté is a premium cosmetics and skincare line that incorporates the latest dermatological advancements with innovative technologies. Its name is a combination of two French words: 'cosmétique' and 'décoration', aptly summarising its aim of providing the highest quality cosmetics and first-rate hospitality to women around the world who seek refined elegance. 

First of all, from the pan, one will notice the eyeshadows are glittery pretty, and when you sink your fingers into them, they are really soft and a little bouncy kind of texture. Once you apply them onto your eyelids, they are creamy, buttery, soft and such a wonder to work with as you basically can't go wrong with them, even if you are not good with applying sophisticated eyeshadow like us here. It gives your eyes that glossy 3D wet eye looks that is trending now! Totally luminous gorgeous eyes.

If you had followed us long enough, you would know we love lighter shades more over the darker ones when it comes to eyeshadows as we always feel really intimidated working with stronger shades. Hence some of our favourites are the shimmery earthy nude peachy beige and coral brownish tones compared to the bright blue one. Even though it is said that it leaves sparkling intense colour pay off with only one single swipe on the lids, they do work well if you like to layer them on even more to have a more dramatic effect on the eyes, for evening occasions. With single application, it gleams with delight and catches light beautifully and makes our lid look natural with a wash of colour, but adds on that depth of alluring captivation with further layering, which is exactly what we love about the collection - its versatility and blend ability,

Our most favourite shade will have to be the limited edition one, the orange golden pearl as it is so wearable on a daily basis (easily spotted within the collection with the only silver cover). We do love the golden and copper brown ones as well. We did notice that it creases on our eyelids after half a day as we have oily eyelids, so an eye base application before the eyeshadow works much better for oily eyelids. Other that this, we have no qualms about these little wonderful pots. From light golden or pink pearls to brown, purple or khaki shades, this collection will definitely make a good Christmas gift for that special friend or just simply for your own pampering desire.

DECORTÉ AQMW Eye Glow Gems are just a dream to play with!

Learn more about the Decorté brand via their social platforms like Instagram here and Facebook here. A huge thanks to Decorté Malaysia once again for the love and fun. We look forward to checking our more new beauty discoveries along the way. By the way, we tried their facial pampering session recently and it was extremely enjoyable and relaxing. Drop by a Decorté beauty counter near you to inquire more (store locations here) if you are a facial lover. Are you excited for this festive holiday season already? Stay tuned as we shall unveil some of the good stuff in the beauty department gearing up to Christmas soon! Check out Kate Moss talking about the brand and its AW2017 makeup look on youtube here.

Till our next beauty exploration, have a great rest of the week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. Is this a new Japanese brand? This is the first time I'm reading about it and haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Not really la dearie. It’s been around *_^ lovely brand actually


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