Tuesday, December 19, 2017

XMAS 2017 Series | Dior Precious Rocks Rocking That Glittery Glam Look

Nothing beats a good line-up of amazing makeup collection specially tailor-made for the festive season. Christmas bells are ringing in and in no time, we are ending the year of 2017. Time flies when you have fun, no? Our little Christmas came super early all thanks to our beloved beauty brand, Dior and a huge hugs and kisses to Dior Malaysia for still loving us all these while even though we have been so bogged down by our full time work that blogging here took a backseat with delayed updates. How we wished we could just blog full time at times like these. 

Enough of ranting, we are extremely thrilled over the favourite time of the year. With Dior, it is all about the glitter and glam, Dior style all the way, aptly called Dior Precious Rocks Holiday 2017 Collection (here for more). We have put together something a little different this year for our Christmas series, hope you lovelies will enjoy nonetheless. We are going for the look book style instead of purely review piece. Precious Rocks, paying homage to unfettered rock spirit, confidently precious!

Opulent and glittery this season, the eyes sparkle with a kaleidoscope of myriad shades, in a prismatic way. The design is captivatingly hypnotic, the colours will embellish your eyes with wonderful shades. 5 Couleurs Precious Rocks Limited Edition in Ruby and Emerald, you take your pick, whichever that tickles your fancy. Both are equally alluring with a touch of iridescent for us. Here for more on the application techniques and shades. Add a little touch of colour onto the nails with this season's limited edition shades of Diorific Vernis, which comes in its signature bottle with a golden cap. 4 new shades to let your nails do the talking and shine bright with gel-like finishing. We love both colours that we have - Amethyst (deep prune) and Ruby (violet shade with a shimmery sort of shine finish). Discover more here.

This Christmas, we imagine the most sophisticated gold, yet in a more subdued kind of manner, accentuated slightly with a touch a golden shimmer to excite and tease the senses of the admirer of a Dior woman who shows up at a party. She glows in pretty shades of golden dust of the irresistible Christmas 2017 limited edition Diorific Precious Rocks Golden Glow Loose Powder, (here for more) that catches the most brightest light in a sensual way that gets one thrilled with pleasure, looking almost like a Greek goddess of the night. Finish off with an added golden glittery touch of nail art with Diorific Vernis Liner in golden shade and that few spritz of exclusively mixed of floral and spices Dior scent, the absolute J'adore L'Or (here for more on its notes and structure).

It is an epic story of intense expression of the floral notes in every sense, yet entices the deepest desire of a woman to appeal differently with its fruity accents mingled with spices. Voluptuous and rich in nuances, this quintessentially floral scent would cement the wearer with her own interpretation of charm and a woman's sophistication in its subtle sensibility. We absolutely adore and fell in love with its new chiseled necklace and bottle. Read here about our previous thoughts on the other Dior J'adore that had us crushing hard as well.

A touch of red and coral we imagine this time of the year to add that little twist to the classic black to make the look modern again. A flush of peachy pink blush with limited edition Diorblush Precious Rocks Vibrant Colour Powderblush (here for more). Alternatively, we feel the lips and cheeks could go with Diorific Matte Fluid Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour. These lip tints work wonders in adding colours to not only the lips to give that matte finish, but the cheeks as well. Here for more shades selection.

Of course, last but not least, having the idea of going for that bold look intrigues us personally. Drawing inspirations from Dior beauty items from another collection, Dior Rouge, (here for more) it gave us a sense of freedom to be bold, be beautiful and just be who we envision ourselves to be for this Christmas, having that statement lips that catches ones imagination - intense lip colours in matte, satin and metal with Rouge Dior Liquid or perhaps with the Rouge Dior Double Rouge Lipsticks (here for more) to create that ombre effect with a highly pigmented matte contour and light-catching metal heart. We find the Double Rouge super fun to play with, giving us that little pouty full dimension to the lips with different possibilities to the finish look.

To add a little fun to the bold look, we imagine using the Diorshow Bold Brow, Brow Mascara Structure & Shine Gold Edition (here for more) and a choice of one's Christmas 2017 limited edition Dior Addict Ultra Gloss, Sensational Mirror Shine Hydra-Plumping Volume to infuse the WOW factor onto your lips for a change (if you are not into the Dior Rouge series). Nothing beats a good dose of high shine for the holiday party seasons, no? More on the Gloss shades here,

There you go. We hope you have enjoyed our special Dior Precious Rocks lookbook style compilation here for this festive occasion and wish you all the best in obtaining your favourite beauty pieces either for yourselves or friends and family as Christmas gifts exchange. Hope it is not too late *_^ Once again, a huge thanks to Dior Malaysia for the love and continuous support for LUMINNEJ this 2017 and we look forward to more exciting collaborations in the coming new year of 2018! Here's wishing our favourite beauty brand greater success in the coming brand new year ahead in advance. More about Dior here. You can also follow Dior beauty on their gorgeous Instagram here.

Fashion visuals | Eclipse by Sonny San | Khoon Hooi | Jimmy Lim | Adam Liew. Till our next Christmas instalment, wishing you a luminously happy week, lovelies *_^

With love, 

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