Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Faces] Meeting Celest Thoi and Jimmy Lim

It was such great pleasure meeting up with my fashion designer friends for our LUMINNEJ's FACES segment, which we wanted to highlight local movers and shakers in the beauty/fashion industry. It has always been our dream to chat with them, face to face. I was honoured enough, to do so, previously. 

Meeting Jimmy for my very first FACES was like reconnecting with a good old friend, whom I have not seen for ages, but always picks things up where we had left off, immediately when we met. Till now, I could still remember that meeting. Awesome afternoon indeed, over a cuppa. Not to mention, excellent fashion collection Jimmy always has, from back then when he started. 

Stepping foot into that dreamy studio of Celest Thoi was another pleasant surprise I had at Publika. Her  timeless and ethereal wedding gowns would make a bride-to-be fall head over heels with. She has such grace and sense of taste when it comes to knowing what women really want to wear for their special day in their lives. It is truly a gift to have such great talents. 

We are really looking forward to more of our meetings with local personalities for FACES with LUMINNEJ. So, do stay tuned. Meanwhile, click here to check out our  previous posts on these two fabulous personalities and find out what we (really) did talk about when we met. (More beautiful pictures await)

Stay luminous and happy always, lovelies.

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