Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Places] My Nostalgic Penang

I have not been to many places around the world, but of all the places I have been, I still have a strong affinity towards this one place. Perhaps, it is a place that I have spent my most fun time in my entire life at, so far. It was the best times of my life, I must admit. 

I love this small little island. It offers one of the best food, as well as diverse culture and places to visit. Well, am sure, you know where I am talking about, Penang! The Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. You have the mountain, the beach, the rocks, the paddi fields, the bay, the jungle, the temples, you name it, Penang has it all (of course, plus the sunny tropical weather). 

Here are some of my favourite places in Penang. Many more to be discovered. This place is a gem. Similar and extended previous post here. Enjoy your travel and journey in life, no matter where you are heading, near or far!

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