Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Food] Life Is A Sweet Temptation

I have a soft spot for desserts! There you go, I have confessed. I know how sinful they can be (counting those calories now... really? Nah *_^), but they seem to call out to me, like how the mannequins call out to Rebecca Blooomwood ("The girl in the green scarf" in Confession of a Shopaholic movie)! Crazy, right? But it is true.

In my humble opinion, I believe KOMUGI has one of the best breads and desserts in town. High quality and great food for the soul >_<
Well, want-to-be-healthy-side-of-me kicks in and I try my very best (I really do) to keep myself a safe distance from them, as much and as often as I can. Sometimes, you do tend to give in to temptation. How can you not? Just look at that?

An extended version of the post here. More food post here *_^

Have a sweet sweet weekend ahead, lovelies.

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