Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspiring Creativity, An Artistry That Is Shiseido Professional - Part 2

Perhaps it was the place, perhaps it was the crowd, perhaps it was the wine, perhaps it was the stage, the show, perhaps it was everything that was exquisite about the show. Yes, LUMINNEJ was invited to the one and only Beauty Innovator Award 2013 by Shiseido Professional recently at The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur Hotel! 

As I was saying in my previous post (part 1 here), we were invited to take a seat as the show was about to begin. I was super excited as I was completely mesmerized by the beautiful stage. Opening show was interesting and followed by speeches. Soon after, it was the performances by Malaysia artistic ambassadors, Fabian Lau and Iven Long. Then, Shiseido Professional Malaysia Beauty Creative Team, which comprises shows by Lois Lee, Eric Koh and Elvin Soh. A kaleidoscope of colours, textures, shapes, infusing artistic fashion designs with hair creations that were unique to each hair designers whom are already very established in the industry, locally and internationally, were certainly very entertaining. 

Lois Lee's fashion was filled with wonderful shapes and cut-outs, Eric's fashion was simplistically monotone and has that very organic feel to it. I love the collection, just black and white. Hair are crisp, short, mainly bob.

Elvin ended the session with a very eye-catching hair design that made the audience go ooh and ahh over! (and the photographers all snapping their pictures away). When she first came on stage, the stage lights focused on her, she looked almost angel-like. It was quite a stunning sight to behold. Check out that interesting "white-masked" makeup on the models!

What came next was, I personally think, the highlight of the entire night! It was the performance by guest artist from Japan, Mr. Masa Otake (the principle of Shiseido Beauty Academy and Vice President of Shiseido Beauty Salon Co., Ltd. himself!). In other words, he's the master of masters and my, the moment the models walked down the long runway, the music came on, I could almost feel that something magical was about to happen! 

Mr. Masa Otake came on stage (with his lovely assistant) and started to work on each of the models' hair, swiftly and quickly, with professional hands. Each of the women's hair was magically transformed into something else. The accompanying music and songs were ethereal, enchanting, it brought me, personally, to a world that was beyond words, I was very moved. The whole performance was impeccable, completed by stunning gowns and creations by our local internationally renowned fashion designer, Khoon Hooi. ELEGANT! One has to be there to feel such wonderful feeling that I was feeling (and I am very sure the rest of the audience felt the same) or you could enjoy the same feeling by watching the video below (a must watch to see the entire show by this true Japanese legend!). 

He is indeed, the master, I must say. What a beautiful show that was, by Mr. Masa Otake! So, the long awaited moments (by the top 15 finalists) was finally here - the announcement of who would be the top 5 who will be selected to make their way to an all-expense paid trip to Japan to attend the Shiseido Professional Beauty Congress in Tokyo this coming February 2014? And who walked away with the other awards up for grab. Here are the results!

All in all, it was a REALLY well put together show! (kudos to the Shiseido Malaysia team). I was definitely entertained and impressed by the amount of talents Malaysia does have, in the hairstyling, fashion, makeup and photography industry. It makes me wonder, what else we can't achieve? If you had missed out on our part1 of the blog post, you can read it here

LUMINNEJ can't wait for the next Shiseido Professional's Beauty Innovator Award! (and wonder what would actually go down in Japan). The name is truly aptly coined. It is most definitely inspiring indeed *_^

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