Saturday, February 1, 2014

Final Cut - The New Age of Pink by NARS

When one think of the colour pink, one can't help but to associate it with feeling of softness, sweet and nice. NARS Cosmetics however takes a very different view on this classic "girly" colour, puts it into their latest limited edition collection - a modern montage of perfectly provocative hues, simply by breaking all the rules and give this exclusive pink collection a new attitude that is fierce, feminine and edgy! It's called FINAL CUT, the New Age of Pink.

We spot quite a great deal of pink for this spring seasons, especially make-up collections. I guess one can never get bored with this colour, can we? The Satin Lip Pencil and Blush shades range from sweet and seductive cherry blossom to passionate peach coral. Strike a balance with the same colour for lips and cheeks or spark a romance with an unexpected combination. The choice is endless and really is up to you (and your mood for the day *_^). To complete the look, one can always apply the shimmering lavender pink illuminator. 

Price: Blush RM120, Satin Lip Pencil RM85 and Illuminator RM110
The collection is already available starting January 2014 at NARS Cosmetics at Pavilion KL. 

If you missed the opening of the store recently, do check out our previous blog post here. Don't you think this is a nice pink for your Chinese New Year look? Still not too late as we are only at the second day of Lunar New Year, lovelies *_^

Till then, have a lovely holiday and weekend. 

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  1. Pink is my favorite color and I love seeing it associated with power as well as femininity! Fierce, feminine and edgy sounds about right for this collection. Those blushes are incredibly pretty! Thanks for sharing Jenn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. I love all the nars products, very pigmented!<3

    1. You are right, Laurina, most people love NARS exactly for that reason. Have you tried their new skincare range? I wonder how they perform?


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