Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sparkling Pretty With Selberan

Diamond is a girl's best friend? Most definitely for some of us. We will (almost) always be attracted to that glittering precious stone, especially if it is beautifully crafted and made. SELBERAN, a member of the Royal Selangor groups of companies have been doing just that, for the Malaysian market, offering stylishly distinctive, chic and wide variety of jewellery. This season, Selberan introduces its annual solitaire collection, Hana & Lani (bold and sophisticated additions to the brand's gallery of fine jewellery) and at the same time, expanding its platinum offerings with a new series of sleek and sophisticated rings that promise to be modern classics. Of course, when one thinks of engagement rings, one can't do without conjuring up that beautiful day of donning in ones elegant wedding dress or matching the pieces with a lovely evening gown. Featured alongside the array of luxurious Selberan pieces here are two of LUMI's favourite fashion designers, Celest Thoi and Eric Choong creations.

The Hana series are distinctively recognizable by their stylized curves that result in an elegant shape, placing The Selberan Diamond front and centre. The undulating curves of this design resemble fluid waves that culminate in a floral like pattern, giving the pieces an organic and feminine aesthetics. 

Lana series, on the other hand, provides the counterpoint to Hana's softer virtues. With striking blades that surround the solitaire diamond, the Lani pieces resemble a radiant sun with ray of light that beam asymmetrically. We LOVE this series! 

The Hana and Lani collection symbolizes the convergence of different styles. hard and soft, round and pointed (contrasting yet complementary creations). The Hana and Lani collection in 18k gold is available at all Selberan boutiques (Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, The Gardens Mid Valley City, Empire Shopping Gallery and Royal Selangor Visitor Centre in Setapak). 

Platinum jewellery, forged with the most prestigious of metals, has always been a highly prized addition to any jewellery connoisseur's collection. Its dense and durable structure coupled with a luxurious appeal, allow for platinum's qualities to best be seen in rings of various forms and eye catching detail. The quintessential solitaire diamond ring is flourished with a curved accent along the front of the ring, resulting in a design aesthetic that draws one's eyes to the diamond in the centre. Made in 950 platinum, this series of rings is handcrafted by Selberan's artisans, making each piece an individual and unique piece of work. It is now available in all Selberan boutiques. 

If you would love to discover more about Selberan and its pieces, you can check it out here. For intricately crafted lovely timeless wedding gowns by Celest Thoi, click here. For exquisite evening wear and bridal dresses by Eric Choong, here for more. 

Have a luminous and beautiful week ahead! 

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  1. Thanks for the intro! These are some really beautifully unique designs. My engagement & wedding rings are both platinum and diamonds. Love that combination!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Your ring must be very exquisite then, Rowena *_^


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