Saturday, February 22, 2014

[Star Gazing] Kim Woo Bin for W Magazine Korea

Funny enough, we all (well, some of us, really) love "bad boys", in some wicked way, no? Perhaps, we "fall" for the image or representation of them on film, or even TV. Case in point, don't you love that bashful, cunning-intellectual yet somewhat naughty big bully Choi Young-do (played by the dashing Kim Woo-Bin) in the hit Korean series, The Inheritors? One can't seem to not fall for his mischief, his purposeful picking-on Cha Eun-Sang (female lead played by the girl-next-door-looking Park Shin-Hye) but yet in end end, we still forgive him for doing so?

Say no more, we love Kim Woo Bin in this latest editorial spread he did for W Magazine Korea, looking sizzling hot! This new Star Gazing segment was truly inspired by our friend, Rolala's blog as she does it so well by introducing all the lovely Korean celebrities and faces (here for more). Do check out her really beautiful and enchanting blog called Rolala Loves here for more lovely things! A blog which we have come to fall in love with lately, to be honest *_^

Enjoy our new Star Gazing time and hope you have a luminous (and hot) weekend ahead. 

Pictures via couch kimchi. More of his cool pictures here or you can also visit LUMINNEJ's pinterest board on Korean Faces here for other stars we are watching, from time to time *_^

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  1. Wow the desert backdrop is really beautiful! I love the black and white images where he's on the road with the clouds behind him. This is such a fun Star Gazing feature! Thanks for the very sweet shoutout Jenn! I really appreciate it! Have an amazing week!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Right? Love those desert sky too! My pleasure, Rowena *_^ Love your work. Have a great time yourself:))

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