Friday, February 7, 2014

Play On Pink by RMK

Play On PINK by RMK's latest 2014 Spring Summer Collection, most definitely you can do with it! Why? As you are served with a selection of colours that is inspired by this sweet classic pink, yet, fun enough to transform your regular make-up routine and give it a spin. Basically, you can play with it, however you wish *_^

RMK's new creative direction takes a turn, thanks to its new Director, KAORI whom aims to create collections that open new doors for you that you have not seen before, for you to discover a NEW you! This is her very first RMK collection that is a kaleidoscopic of light and colour

The trio eye palette creates the seasonal prismatic finishing on the eyes. This playful combo consist of highlighting pink bases with the layering of tonal shades in holographic pearlescent and glitter that change the pink hue underneath when diffused with light. 5 shades to choose from (seasonal limited edition). Most of all, it is not too much of that glitter after all (which we absolutely love!). Priced at RM110.

The finishing powder palette comes in 6 different hues designed to be blended for the perfect fit to your skin tone. This is something we find most interesting from the collection. These 6 shades are made from different textured powders of matte, soft matte, and pearlescent, that work to deliver a perfectly calculated contouring on application with a brush. We find this finishing powder truly lightweight, refined and not too overwhelming at all. 2 shades each priced at RM160.

The cheek duo that are bi-colour palettes with a pure vibrant base shade and a shimmering lucent pearlescent shade create a flawless radiant definition by simply blending with the brush on the palette. With this, you can simply create that fresh skin trend of the season. Choose from the lovely Coral pink or the Cool beige tone to complete your look. Also seasonal limited edition, priced at RM110.

The new W Crayon & Glass Lips combines the matte lip crayon with a semi-transparent lip gloss into one, which is pretty handy for those who don't like to fuss about having too many make-up items in the handbag. The creamy texture of the crayons give vibrant coloration whilst the glassy gloss provides you with a juicy pout look (very glassy indeed!). Comes in 5 colours, each at RM130.

The 4 new shades of Nail Colors from this collection are designed to "candy coat" your fingertips with the spring hues. The Base and Top Coat enriched with holographic lame gives the nail that little glittery extra shine, pretty wicked *_^ We love the 2 shades (Clear Cherry and Clear True Pink), each of the colour is priced at RM65.

Last but not least, from this collection, is the RMK Face Color Brush, made from the finest mountain goat hair by famed artisans of Japan. It's designed with calculated new curves and angles for the ultimate facial contouring and polishing up a finish application. Priced at RM130.

Thanks to RMK Malaysia, LUMINNEJ walked away with some goodies from this collection which we absolutely enjoy trying it out. It is most definitely a collection too sweet to resist *_^ We even had the Clear True Pink nail colour on especially for our Chinese New Year look!

We are sure that you will enjoy this collection, as much as we do. Be sure to come back here for our face to face chat with RMK's global make-up artist, Mr. Yasuhiro Nakamizu soon. Still can't get enough of the collection? Here for more.

Till then, stay luminous and glossy! 

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