Thursday, April 30, 2015

[Inspiration] Far & Away You Are From Me

Incessant. Reminiscent. Futile.
Is it too much to ask, to have you close to me? To want you to stay...

The desert wind kicks up the sand of solitude, wanting me to wander into the wilderness, searching for that familiar voice, that echoes into the far distant horizon, that I so long to hear, so eager to keep, right inside my head.

Your soft hair, your little embrace, now seems too hard to forget, in this time when the sun blinds my mind, burns my longing... to see you once again.

I can run bare foot all day, looking for you, seeking for a trace of you, that have left cold.

Do you believe me, do you still believe me that I miss you this much?

You are the only one for me. I could almost smell you in the sweater that wrapped around me now. I can almost taste the shadow of sweetness you left behind, lingering on my lips, but slipped through my fingers which are now trembling...

Hope, hope is all I have for you, to come back to me, once again. Would you?

How could you give me hope, but left it crushing down so deep, so hard that I could almost go insane without you by my side? Why the wait, why the silence, why the craziness?

Perhaps this is what it has come to - you far away from me, me with the vast openness of not knowing what's next, not knowing if you ever even existed, or just a fragment of my foolish imagination.

Be gone, be far away, I will survive, I will walk on, this desert of hopelessness, in the land of hope, all by myself. We are but all alone, after all.

All visuals via Visual Optimism blog here.

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  1. What a stunning editorial. The desert setting is seriously breathtatking and Sasha Luss couldn't be more gorgeous here.

    Hope you're having a fab week Jeann!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. yes indeed, Rowena, such dreamy pictorials! I fell in love with them the moment I laid my eyes on the visuals.

  2. Wow this is one BEAUTIFUL editorial and from my experience working at magazines this is not has easy as it looks. Trust me. This is outstanding.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. haha Allie, am sure you are absolutely right on the spot. The outcome looks amazing but I bet it was quite a crazy shoot with all the desert wind, the scorching sun but Sasha did an excellent job looking all chilled and relaxed for the shoot!!

      Nothing is what it seems, same goes to the sort of production work that we do. I split second is actually perhaps a two day shoot kind of work plus a whole few weeks of editing/post production work.

      One gotta love what you do in order to persevere and move on *_^


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