Friday, April 24, 2015

M.A.C Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Trend: Re:view

Tanned lids: A layering of brown from WBB Eye Shadow Palette applied over Cork Eye Shadow swept up to the eyebrow

After introducing one of the trends called Enlightened here the last time, let's take a look some other trends available. M.A.C introduced previously, fresh from their runway looks of Spring/Summer 2015 was the trend they called it RE:VIEW. It is all about "Pulling the classic apart". What could be more classic and essentially retrospective than black liner and mascara? Yet for SS15, lines and lashes shrug off nostalgia "and pull the classic apart. They are IT-girl, not princessy and glamorous." observes Terry Barber.

The new approach to liner deconstructs standard methods to intensify the eye, replacing the flicks and kohls of old with gestural strokes and aerodynamic wings that give a distinct openness to the gaze. The decisiveness of these confident jet sweeps feels extremely elegant. "A line in the socket or swept across the lid feels artistic now - like a painter feeling a line in quite an effortless and free way," says Val Garland. Think "out" and "up" with dynamic details that expand the eyes. 

"A Girl who wants a non-conformist makeup. It's summer and she's going to festivals. She finds some carbon or white chalk and just draws it on." Rudi Cremers. "Biker angels... jumbo 60s liner with a dirtier edge and chrome highlight." Terry Barber or "A sophisticated monochrome skin with a graphic eye statement." Alice Ghendrih. How about chopped liner, rectangular-shaped liner? Eyes become your toy to play with, to achieve this non-classic look.

Some ideas? Like a lash section applied to the centre of the eye rather than the corner, to give a doe-eyed effect like above. Lashes were well-curled, 3 Lash custom cut and placed through the centre of the upper lashes. Haute & Naughty Lash layered over 3 Lash and followed with an application through the centre of the lower lashes. Viola! There you have it, an eye that will mesmerized anyone who set eyes upon them, don't you think so?

One can also create contrasting statements: a matte graphic eyeliner against radiant, feminine skin. According to Diane Kendal, "Sun-kissed summer, dreamy, beautiful girls". So much fun. The new diffused smokey eye: an elegant and elongated wing. Now, that is quite a stunner, effortlessly simple yet radiantly fresh and beautiful. It's all about accentuating the window to your soul.

One can also try the big cat eye, sort of a strange Sarah Moon. The flipped smokey - reversing the shading. The face is carefully prepped with Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion (which we shall review soon, so stay tuned!) to instantly refresh, replenish and smoothen the skin. Black tied and Soot Eye shadows mixed together and swept through the inner eye, creating a "C" shape. Black Tied and Soot are blended no further than the pupil, using the 242 Shader Brush. Followed by the 217 Blending Brush to blend.

For the lashes, "they are in a place of extremity - nothing (even erased) or almost overdone. There is no middle ground to mascara now." states Barber. Lyne Desnoyers agrees: 'The tendency to pack on mascara this season is interesting - it gives an intriguing shadow to the eyes and gives the face an instant elevation, with nothing else needed. The juxtaposition of a couture lash against super nude skin makes wearing mascara feel exciting again." The vital detail - no eyeshadow. Contemporary black is worn at its best against bare (often glossy) lids.

So, do you like this Re:view trend look? Do you think you can pull off some of the looks? We especially love that doe-eyed effect look and the elongated wing. Have a luminously beautiful weekend coming up ahead soon, lovelies *_^

All visuals courtesy of M.A.C Malaysia. More about the brand here.

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  1. I love this makeup trend and I especially love the third picture! This is a makeup that I can try to follow, think I'll try to recreate no. 3 this weekend. Gorgeous and I love how they focus on the eyes.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hi Shireen,

      Cool, looking forward to seeing your recreation soon *_^

  2. Hello my dearest, Great looks, I wish I could mater any of this! but my eyeliner skills are bad! ahahah! practice, practice!! have a great weekend.xx
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. well my dear Arely, I also need to practice my eyeliner skill! We shall improve on it together, all right?

      See you soon!


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