Saturday, April 11, 2015

[Inspiration] Photographer Crush | Mara Lazaridou From Greece

Once in a while, we chanced upon beauty that truly captures our heart and attention and this photographer we discovered very accidentally through instagram just very recently is enough for us to be instantly smitten by  her feed. That itself brought us to her online platform here where we fell in love with more of her fashion photography work.

Like most of her photography work (especially on instagram), we have minimal details about Mara Lazaridou, except for the facts that she is an intagram lover (much like us *_^), a fashion photographer and a mommy (stated in her IG profile), but she did mention in a short interview that her photography style is a fusion of fun, minimal and romantic images. These reflect more so in her instagram updates. From her official website, we found them to be slightly different.

Mara also revealed that since she discovered instagram and mobile photography, it allows her to have more freedom to explore and be more creative and look at photography in a new light *_^

We absolutely love her play of light and shadow and noticed that her fashion photography work always make the female character/model looks pretty sensual and polished, almost sophisticated with beautiful styling of makeup and hair. Some of the locales are to die for with that exotic and Mediterranean vibe to them.

We also discovered that she is quite a versatile photographer, changing between studio and location/outdoor shoots with ease, seeing the results of the visuals are equally stunning and gorgeous. We are most definitely loving her work and hope that you enjoy them, as much as we do.

Here are some of LUMI's favourite picks. All visuals via Mara Lazaridou's website here. You can also get instant gratification by following her on instagram here, if you wish so.

Till our next photographer crush, stay luminous and happy always, lovelies *_^

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