Thursday, April 2, 2015

[Instagram] Lumi's Feature 5: Asyuka from Japan

Instagram is a space that constantly gives us a tremendous dose of inspiration, from enjoying the beauty that one captures to sharing the little bits of lifestyle and culture of a certain country in the most stunning manner, for some. One of our all-time-favourite IG profiles is none other than this Japanese accessories designer, Yuka Kaede (instagram profile _asyuka_). From her feed, you can tell that she loves flowers, dainty accessories, beautiful skyline and travels.

We call her, the "queen of pastel". She is super amazing at showcasing Japanese skyline, in the most beautiful hues of pastel skies one can imagine. The city seems to come alive through her lens (and her edits) and beg for your attention, in a most subtle and subconscious manner. We are definitely in love with her sense of style.

Everything seems much simpler, with her, presented in a sensually feminine way, very quintessentially Japanese kind of aesthetics. We shall let you enjoy her wonderful captures. It sure brightens up our days, just by looking at these pictures which are full of serenity and blissfulness.

Do check out more of her jewelry and accessories work here and her instagram profile here. Hope you love her work, as much as we do.

All visuals via Yuka's  instagram feed.

Have a luminously beautiful week and be happy always, lovelies *_^

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