Monday, March 30, 2015

[Review] The Fresh Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Perhaps nothing announces spring better than enveloping your senses in the smell of fresh peonies, with a hint of fruity combination and so much more. Fragrance ignites your senses and most definitely transports you into a world of memories, be it in the recent now or a far far distant away, calling you into the sweet embraces of the yesteryear.

When we first put on this latest addition to the Dior fragrance family, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet strike us as very fresh, almost illusive to our senses kind of fragrance. All things seem to fade away and made way for a scene out of a movie, almost. Seriously? Yes *_^

We could vaguely see the wetness of the afternoon rain, hitting incessantly against the rooftop of the bus stop, the only shelter we had, back then, from the sudden rain fall (we were two university students madly in love, on a bike ride to town). The sound of the merciless rain was deafening yet it could not mask the pounding beat of our nervous heart. Trapped there, with our first love, we could almost feel his warmness beside us, yet, we were too timid to admit that, we had so much crazy love for him that we could almost explode into thousand rain drops at that very moment, and silently wish that he could just turn around, and give us a warm big hug.

Reaching out to touch the rain, it felt like the freshness of spring, but only in our imagination for we were two naive young souls, who barely started out in our relationship, never to realize that it would only last for a mere one month...

If we could turn back the clock, we would freeze that moment in time, that very afternoon, when that sudden splash of water from the passing by car made us jumped in excitement, yet cursing underneath our breaths, secretly hoping that this rain would never end! That was how silly it seemed, now looking back. Yet, it was so dreamy, that point in time, when you were head over heels, falling in love with someone, for the very first time.

Miss Dior is somewhat like our love back then, it came and went away too fast, for us to grasp that whole beauty of it all. It is there, yet not quite there, in our presence. We were young, we were hopeful, thinking that our love could last a lifetime. Nonetheless, that brief time of pure love and naivety made us who we are today, and we will forever have, that special moment in time, when we feel the most beautiful, the most fresh in thoughts and intention, with the most love to give, without the worries of the world.

Fast-forward to now in 2015, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet was gifted by Dior Malaysia and thanks to Dior, we relived our love, in the most lucid and delicate way, that could only be savoured through the unions of its floral notes, created by the perfumer of the house of Dior, François Demanchy. Sicilian Mandarin Essence as the top note, peony the heart note and white musk the base note, he describes Miss Dior as the extraordinary fragrance that provides softness. Indeed, this is one that exudes a sense of freshness with its citrus flavours and notes of blooming flowers, with that certain kind of gentleness that you could only be felt, at your most vulnerable and purest state of emotion, and can only grasped, after a once-in-a-life-time kind of unforgettable love, or when you are truly in love.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet comes in a lovely soft baby pink box, and the bottle takes the same shape as its antecedents and is decorated with a silver ribbon. The bottle does not seem too heavy for a 50ml Eau de Toilette, and that would make a good traveling companion, if you truly love Miss Dior *_^

If Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet existed, quite magically, with the wave of a fairy wand, back then, when we were younger, it would be the perfect fragrance for us to make an impression. Nonetheless, we fell in love with the previous ad campaign featuring Natalie Portman in our blog post here.

Today, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a little too young for us now, in reflection to our personal preferences. Perhaps we should discover other fragrances from the Dior family instead? Yet, we truly believe Miss Dior will be a young woman's ultimate dream fragrance (or at least those who are young at heart *_^) if you love a fragrance that is light and beautifully refreshing to the senses.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is available in 50ml (retailed at MYR281) and 100ml (MYR387) at your nearest Christian Dior boutique. Rediscover the many facets of Dior fragrances here.

Till our next fragrance adventure and daydreaming, have a beautifully luminous week ahead, lovelies.

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  1. Love Miss Dior perfumes!
    Very nice blog by the way :)

    Kisses from Russia,

    1. Glad that you like Dior's perfumes. Thanks for the compliment and hope to see you back here again, Juliet *_^

  2. The packaging for this perfume is so gorgeous and feminine. A lovely addition to nay vanity I'm sure and the scent sounds really delightful as well.

    Ji Chang Wook is definitely more than a pretty face and he happens to be a really good actor (much better than overrated Lee Min Ho IMHO) and he sings beautifully as well. If I were to recommend one of his dramas to start with, I'd say The Healer as it had many great elements. If you do watch it, let me know what you think ;)

    Have a fab week!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Wow! He can sing too?! That's quite a talent. The Healer sounds perfect then. I shall see if I get a chance to follow the series. I hate the fact that once I start watching a series, I can't seem to stop, so, usually it means countless sleepless nights, which I will get an earful from my hubby, haha!!


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