Thursday, March 26, 2015

M.A.C Toledo: The Art of Being Arty

What usually lures you when you reach for that lipstick or that eyeshadow palette to add to your makeup collection? Is it the colours, the textures or the packaging? Most often than not, as much as we try to deny it (we are guilty of it ourselves *_^), we do pick some items up due to the attractiveness of certain packaging of the products (and of course, comes the rest!). This time around, the latest artist collaboration range between cosmetics leader, M.A.C and fashion's most romantic couples, Isabel and Ruben Toledo will definitely wow you into reaching for them. 

It is such a colourful artistic expressions of Ruben's long renowned award-winning and imaginative work in fashion design and illustration, coupled with Isabel's sense of colours and play of textures, incorporated perfected in this collection called M.A.C Toledo. It is such a collection of irreverent colour designed to inspire endless play.

We particular love how each item looks almost like a miniature of art pieces, filled with fluid painter's lines, the expressive yet experimental approach to the drawings of the feature of the face like eyes and lips, with bold red colours. According to Ruben, he was inspired by the fluidity of the lines and the spur of the moment feel to it. If he is doing a portrait, he starts with the eyes. If they eyes did not speak to him, then he will just start all over again. For him, he needs to capture that one thing that would attract and that is the mystery and the soul of that particular feature. Drawing is his love and for Ruben, it is his passion on paper.

As for the other half, Isabel (designer of Michelle Obama's 2009 inauguration dress), she is equally as involved and particular as how she would in her fashion, right down to choosing the fabric. She wanted to work with tones and textures for this special collection, therefore she created both shiny and matte lipsticks. The Blush Ombrés were created with beautiful hues of colour from light to dark. For her, makeup is not just what it does on the surface but how it makes you feel inside. Makeup is of an ethereal nature to Isabel. She wanted to create makeup that felt like sculptures and had a three-dimensional feel to it.

Her personal favourites from the collection? The matching mascara and eye liner tones as the colours are out of this world, part psychedelic, part futuristic and totally romantic for Isabel. This red-liped faces on black-and-mostly-white pacakaging limited-edition collection is most definitely eye catching and adorable.

The whole collection includes:
3 x six Eyeshadow Palette (Bellgreens, Violentwink and Moodyblu) MYR165 each
3 x Modern Twist Lash (Vynil, Caligrafy and Chlorofill) MYR103 each
3 x Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner (Designer Purple, Chlorofill and Petrol Blue) MYR75 each
6 x Lipstick (Oxblood, Barbeque, Victoriana, Tenor Voice, Opera and Sin) MYR77 each
6 x Lipglass (Oxblood, Barbeque, Victoriana, Tenor Voice, Opera and Sin) MYR77 each
3 x Blush Ombré (Ripe Peach, Azalea Blossom and Kindergarten) MYR126
3 x Nail Lacquer (Faint of Heart, Venus Red and Vixen) MYR52
1 x Isabel and Ruben Toledo 129SE Powder/Blush Brush MYR158
1 x Isabel and Ruben Toledo Makeup Bag MYR100 (at selected M.A.C Stores only)

If one notices, the names for the products are really eye-catchy too. For the Toledo pair, they believe that words can deliver emotion and actually set up how one is going to feel. Most of the time, the name shows how someone will react, they believe.

The Petrol Blue Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner that we got is a deep navy with pearl like texture, it glides on nicely and give our eyes that rich deep blue look that is pretty intensely cool. We are loving it already.

As for the lipstick in SIN shade, we were pretty skeptical about the deep blood red and have never tried this sort of colour before, it did take us some time of getting used to with its deep tone. We personally can't rock this colour good enough, we feel.

As for the Violentwink Eyeshadow Palette we got, it is pretty nice to use. The purple shades are bright and striking, with beautiful finish. Since we are a big fan of nude shades, those in the palette got our attention! We feel the palette is versatile enough to transform a day look into an evening one from its range from light to dark shades.

We had a chance to also attend the recent media event in conjunction with its launch at Midvalley. It was quite a fun affair where we were shown how the collection can be adapted easily on a model present that day.

M.A.C Toledo collection is available now in March 2015 at your nearest M.A.C stores or alternatively, can be purchased online here. The quirky collection is available for a limited time only, so have your pick quick before it runs out of stock or no longer available *_^

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  1. Hi lovely, i love Mac products, this collection is great, I love the fun packing. I may try to get some for myself! have a lovely day. xx
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  2. yeah my dearie. Hope you get something fun and something that you would love! Looking forward to see what you may get from the collection *_^


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