Saturday, March 28, 2015

[Inspiration | Musing] Yoon Eun Hye For Korea Vogue April 2015

Wandering through the remains of autumn and winter, trying to capture that little spirit of spring, it seems almost a far distant memory of recollection, one of desperation, but never the less, a beautiful yearning that could only be felt, stronger and stronger, each passing day. Or perhaps for some, spring has already arrived?

Even it may seem a little futile, but spring will most definitely arrive, no matter, as this is only natural  and a part of life. The changing of time can only mean the change of hearts, yet that feeling remains intact, kept away in the ruins of the castle of hope and the lush grounds of wishing.

By tomorrow comes, I turn a year older, does it mean a year wiser? Perhaps yes, maybe not. After 42 years of existence, I merely understand only a glimpse, of what this life holds for me. Am I at a happy place? I constantly ask myself, this very question. Again, it is never a clear straightforward one-word answer, I come to realize.

But one thing is for sure, I started LUMINNEJ not long after the death of a magnificent and beautiful woman in my life - my mother. From her I learnt that, no matter how strong-willed a person is, or how much a woman can shoulder the pain of the world, one can still be beaten by the passing of time itself (and a dreadful illness). Life is too short and fragile, to be weighed down by fear or procrastination, for not taking that first step, to start doing the things you truly love to do, or something you are most passionate about in life.

It shall be a meaningful day tomorrow. For Buddhist, one's birthday is also called 母难日(loosely translated as The Day of A Mother's Suffering). She suffered great pain and brought you to this world, it is most definitely a special day to remember her by.

Happy Birthday in advance, Jeann from LUMINNEJ...

All visuals via Couch-kimchi here.

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