Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Recreating The M.A.C Enlightened 2015 Trend Look!

We were super excited when our friends at M.A.C Malaysia gave us the idea that we could actually schedule an appointment with them and their professional makeup artist will show us how to re-create the latest runway look of Spring/Summer 2015! Of course, we said yes and jumped to the first opportunity to learn from the professionals. Our pick? The Enlightened trend (previously featured here).

The makeup artist assigned for showing me the trend look was none other than Ash Chong, who has a wealth of experience working backstage runway shows in Hong Kong and across the region just recently, before our meet-up. Sonia, the PR manager also came along for the session, making sure that I have all that I needed for the day. The products to adapt the Enlightened runway look were all ready upon my arrival. Without delay, Ash started work on my oh-so-bare-without-a-trace-of-makeup morning face! (haha, felt so naked *_^)

First thing first, Ash said a good makeup starts with good hydration to the face. So, after a quick cleansing, the M.A.C Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion and Marine-Bright Formula Moisture Creme were applied, giving my face the much needed hydration. According to Ash, the Softening Lotion helps to soften the dead skin cells and preps the face for the next step. This is especially crucial to create the Enlightened trend look.

Then M.A.C Face and Body Foundation was applied using a stippling brush. The reason this foundation was chosen because it is a low-to-medium buildable coverage foundation that would give a natural finish, which the Enlightened trend is going for. It is also water-resistant. Ash also went through the trend looks from the book and told me that the face needs to be kept minimum and let the skin shine through ever so slightly, but drawing light towards only a certain part of the face - highlighting a few key features. Concealing was done using M.A.C Studio Conceal and Correct Palette on a few selected areas of the face (namely my eye bags!) there after. The M.A.C Prep + Prime Highlighter pen was used to highlight key points of my face.

Ash continued to work on the eye area. To my surprise, without applying any eyeshadow, the star product of the trend was used - M.A.C Studio Eye Gloss Slightly Taupe! It is a somewhat glistening gloss with high shine effect, loaded with specks of golden star dust. This is also the latest limited edition from the Cinderella range introduced in conjunction with the release of Disney's all-time classic movie, Cinderella, currently showing in theatre here. More on the M.A.C x Cinderella collection here. It felt a tad sticky on my eyelids though, but nonetheless, did give the similar effect from the Enlightened look. A generous coat of the latest Haute and Naughty Mascara was applied to amplify the eye look. This is actually a two-way mascara for one to create two different kind of lashes - one wiper refines the application for a clean sweep, while the other loads the lashes for greater impact. Two-in-one product, cool!

Shot taken during our M.A.C Sneak Preview previously, some of the products from the limited-edition Cinderella Collection.

Now comes the cheek and lip part. Limited-edition Cinderella Iridescent Powder came into play and gave the cheek a shimmery sheen. Love the packaging and the soft lavender blue colour of this collection. For lips, it was also one of the latest collection from M.A.C - Viva Glam Miley Cyrus duo (Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick and Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Tinted Lipglass). When we first saw the hot pink lipstick, we asked Ash, "Hhhmmmm, I am not sure if I can pull of this strong colour..." as it looked really neon type of bright pink from the tube, but Ash assured me that I must give this lipstick a try! So, I left my faith in the good hands of Ash *_^ After a coat of little Lipglass was added, it was indeed quite a surprise to me. It did look really appealing after all!

Just another little tip from Ash, to bring out the Enlightened look a little more, a dab of the Prep + Prime Essential Oils on both sides of the high points of the cheeks to draw light to the face and gives it that healthy glow is a good idea. This product is also quite multi-tasking as one can use it alone or under your foundation, moisturizer, cream and concealer! Sounds like quite a wonder and filled with goodness too.

Voila, the makeup trend was done! We come to realize that it is pretty easy to actually adapt this runway look into our daily makeup routine. All we need is just the right kind of products to achieve that look. Though the high shine part didn't really come through in these pictures strongly as we didn't have extra lighting for the pictures, rest assured our face did give out those extra high shine! Alternatively, you can get more inspiration from our previous blog post here.

It was great fun and thanks Ash for the fantastic work and Sonia for the kind arrangement. Till our next makeup learning adventure, do check out these latest collections in store now at your nearest M.A.C outlets. The highlight products for this look were most definitely the M.A.C Studio Eye Gloss Slightly Taupe and the Viva Glam Miley Cyrus duo. More updates on M.A.C Cosmetics via the Facebook page here.

All visuals (except those few stated with a LUMINNEJ branding) were taken by Ricky Liew. For photography enquiries and engagement, you can write to

Our apologies for the overload of visuals. The Enlightened trend is one that calls for drawing light and attention to selected areas. It can be a clean eye with a bold lips look. That was what we went for that day. Hope this blog post gives you a little insight into how a runway trend can be relatively easy to achieve, and have fun with it. *_^

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  1. Wow! Your makeup is so flawless and that lipstick definitely stood up by itself. What a great makeup session you had with MAC. I'm sure you had fun too =)

    1. haha Yen,

      yes, the lipstick is quite a stunner and can be a attention grabber because of its bright pop of pink *_^ It was fun indeed, learning new tricks from the pro.

      Nice to see you here!

      Big hugs,


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