Monday, March 9, 2015

[Inspiration|Musing] Black and White Kind of Monday

The weekend hurried by like a sand storm, leaving us a little lethargic due to the work in demand, but today, it feels almost like a black and white sort of Monday, stripping away whatever that is left of the colours of the weekend, left behind this gust of airy feeling of subtraction, of solitude and of a certain calmness.

Hoping to recuperate a little and catch our breath for a breather, tomorrow is yet another planned day filled with activities. The week is only going to get busier when the school holiday arrives, where a travel plan is in place.

We shall let the dust of the windy sand storm settles into a gentle layer of gracefulness, and hope that this simple tone of visual speaks gingerly into your ears and whisper a sweet lullaby of dreams in reality, making this beautiful Monday as memorable as the girls in black and white.

All visuals via one of our favourite blogs, Visual Optimism. More lovely visuals here and here. Have a luminously happy week ahead, lovelies *_^

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  1. Hello there, I love this inspirational post! beautiful pictures!! I used to hate this color, but now I am in love with white!! so fresh and clean. thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week.

    1. yeah, Arely, I find it hard to maintain white pieces but they are most definitely really gorgeous. Haha, I guess our taste changes as we pass through time and life *_^

      Sometimes, things that we used to not like, end up liking them much later. Strange, right?

      Thanks for dropping by, always lovely to hear from you!

      Big hugs,


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