Thursday, September 17, 2015

[Inspiration] That First Sight of Jour d’Hermès

It is always the visual that captures our eyes. This one above, to be exact, when we were exploring through streams of images via pinterest earlier this evening, it came to us at the most perfect timing. Immediately, it transported us back to that very afternoon, 18 weeks back in time, when we first stepped foot into the Hermès boutique here in The Gardens Mall.

The very moment we laid eyes on that bottle of Jour d’Hermès, our heart skipped a thousand beats, instantaneously, it felt like falling in love, for the very first time, hopelessly in love, for we have no words to describe, how succinctly beautiful that glass bottle was, displayed right at the centre, lit by a beautiful ray of light, making it the centre of attention, to her admirer, moi. We thought to ourselves, this is one of the most simple yet stunning bottle of fragrances that we have seen. The curves, the lines, almost  feels like caressing a woman's silhouette, so sensual and feminine, yet denotes a tinge of masculinity that a modern woman possesses. Almost felt like poetry in action. 

Further exploration brought us to the Jour d’Hermès site here. A beautiful journey ensued, meandering through hypnotic images, filled with voices (Jean-Claude Ellena explains how he created the fragrance, how Pierre Hardy designed the bottle) and traces of being a woman. Such wonders. If we had a chance to do it all again, we would still choose to be there, that very afternoon, that very moment in time, admiring that beautiful bottle of Jour d’Hermès. If we had a chance to submit our dawn till dusk Jour d’Hermès visuals two years back, when it was first launched, we would have put forth these ones we took, of one beautiful morning, when we wondered out, for no particular reason, perhaps to be lost, in the beauty of it all.

With love, 
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  1. So pretty!!! I love hermes Fragrances my fave is Kelly Calache!! The bottle is also really pretty.
    Beautiful post!! Have a Happy weekend.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. yes, it was totally head over heels with the bottle... oh, you like hermes fragrances too? really nice to know, thanks dearie for the love, always.

  2. Unfortunately I'm also the type who buys perfume based on bottle design first and then only the smell, longevity etc hahaha

  3. haha, I know, right, Max? But the scent is very crucial for me too! If I can't stand the scent, no go for me *_^ But I am still very new to fragrance... don't wear them every day! haha But I have getting into it more and more now.


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