Tuesday, September 8, 2015

[Review] Melvita Organic Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo

We were extremely delighted when Melvita Malaysia approached us to try out some of their organic skincare products previously. One of them was this lovely concoction called Organic Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo. We gladly said yes and a beautiful package filled with gorgeous pink roses was ready for LUMINNEJ. Super excited we were.

Visual courtesy of Melvita Malaysia

Melvita is France's leading certified organic beauty care brand that was established back in 1983 and it is focusing on bringing the best of natural and organic skincare to the world, filled with the goodness from around the world, with a touch of that French way of beauty. This Organic Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo is created to cater to the needs of modern women of today, a skincare range that can combat the early signs of aging due to modern day aggressions, be it external ones like city pollution, electromagnetic waves (we are all "victims" of this, by the way *_^) to internal ones like work stress (self-induced stress for some like us *_^), poor diet, lack of sleep/rest and so much more. 

The Ingredients
Comes in a really steady and luxurious glass bottle, with a pump and spray head, Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo is a lovely mixture of rose water and rose oil. One would be familiar that in order to have healthy looking skin, good water-oil balance is crucial. The best ratio of water to oil for our skin is actually 75:25 That is why we have been incorporating some kind of facial oil in our skincare regiment this year onwards. We believe, with our combination skin, it is even more crucial to achieve the right balance of water and oil. An incredibly gentle, bi-phase formula that is easy to be absorbed into the skin, the plumping duo is made up of Damask Rose Floral Water and Damask Rose Oil. The former provides revitalizing properties while the latter offers regenerating benefits. When these ingredients are enriched with energizing fruit and flower complex, the result is a true concentrate of energy and well-being. Skin is meant to be instantly moisturized and radiant.

The Experience
We have a confession to make, we are not a huge fan of rose scent, actually. Having said that, this rose infused lovely from Melvita is quite something else. We have come to love it tremendously, perhaps it is due to its organic properties, it feels really fresh, without a super strong scent of rose smell that would hit you right at your face kind of feeling (you know, like some scents can smell really fake?). Shake well before use, a few spritz onto the palm is all we need. Heavy in content, we feel, but light in texture due to its rose water, this concoction is a dreamer. It leaves our skin hydrated, fresh, plumped and guess what? A sign of radiance is showing after close to a month of using the product. This is meant to be applied on the entire face and neck, and massage it into the skin with fingertips. It should be incorporated into your first step of skincare, right after cleansing.

We love the fact that it is organic (yay!), non-comedogenic and filled with natural goodness that is fruits of the wild rose, with wild rose petals, rose floral water and rose hip oil. You can most definitely have a peace of mind when using it. It also has a calming and soothing effect to it upon application. Great way to end the night.

Melvita Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo is retailed at MYR132 for 50ml. More about the brand here and the Plumping Radiance Duo here. Thanks Melvita Malaysia for the love and we shall review our next Melvita skincare product in due time.

Have a luminous and radiant week ahead, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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