Thursday, September 8, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] When The Heart No Longer Feels

Stranded, lost and deserted, the heart has left its place. She seems to wander, in the wildest imaginations, through distances of traveling, but can never really leave its rightful place for responsibilities become her closest friend. Faded, one could almost feel the emptiness and the weight of mundane ordinaries. How much can a heart take? Can she be drowned? Washed and sun-dried again to recapture her beauty and youthfulness? Perhaps not, but she can at least be forever immortalised. 

The heart weakens ... the love takes on a different form - stealth and invisible, almost non-existence. How long should this be going on? 

February 17th, 2007 Saturday, 1:38am

Visual via LUMI Pinterest board mood at Alexandre Guirkinger site

With love, 
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  1. There's something very perfect about this post; I read your words while the opening piano notes of the cover song played in the background - instant goosebumps! Beautiful choice of imagery by the way..

  2. Oh, Jeann. My heart felt so much sorrow from reading sounded so lonely and the yearn for something else is apparent through the few sentences. I hope you're doing well, remember that I'm only an email away. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yes I know you will alwyas be there for me, no matter where ... thanks for so a lovely gesture! I shall treasure that forever my friend

  3. What lovely yet heartbreaking prose Jeann. I could feel a sense of loneliness just from reading them and the accompanying song certainly heightens that.

    It sounds like life has been really hectic lately. I hope your schedule has slowed down and you're able to catch up on some rest now. Sorry to hear about your family member being unwell. I hope he/she is doing better. To answer your question, no it doesn't feel like autumn yet. We're in the midst of another heatwave and summer is still hanging on. I actually couldn't happier since I always feel like I can't get enough of summer whenever September rolls around. Enjoy a lovely weekend dear friend. xo


Thanks so much for dropping by and say hi. Love to hear your thoughts and will read them all! See you again *_^

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