Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happening Now | Innisfree My Cushion, My Style - Endless Possibilities, Endless Fun

In this day and age that is oversaturated and overflowing with information and content, it is the more crucial to find your own style and voice. Style is always something that is very unique, from one person to another. Understanding this notion, our favourite Korean natural beauty brand, Innisfree has made it possible for each and everyone of us to achieve our own sense of style, fashion and preference, with its first customisable cushion that is now available via their My Cushion Pop-Up Store happening now till 20th September, at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (LG Orange Concourse) and will continue to be available in store till end of this month of September 2016. So, what are you waiting for? Head down there and have some fun, lovelies! 

Some time back, we were graciously sent a mysterious box from the brand and upon unboxing, revealed a treasure throve of little wonders for us to have fun with, and two designs of the Innisfree Cushion case, which we totally fell in love with, to lead up to this pop-up store occasion. 

A total of 100 designs of Innisfree My Cushion casing to choose from, and a well thought-out concept, this pop-up store has many activities to keep the visitors intrigued, as we checked out on the first day of the launch. The Gallery is a one-stop area for all your cushion needs. The Tunnel will get you immersed with the Innisfree world of cushion while The Experience area is where you get to test out which cushion base you prefer (Long Wear Cover Cushion or Water Fit Cushion) with different shades available for different skin tone and types. One will also be able to choose from different applicators available (Air Magic Puff Glow/Fitting, Cover Stamping Puff or Cushion Brush). You be sure to find one that totally suits your style and lifestyle needs, we believe *_^ 

My Cushion Case designs, visual via Innisfree Malaysia Website

Visitors who purchase a My Cushion set (consisting of a case, from the 100 designs available at MYR33.00 and a base at MYR52) will be able to choose an extra case (from 40 designs available) for FREE, as a token and part of the special promotion at the pop-up store. The additional token will also entitle one to participate in the My Lucky Drop Game for a chance to get a Limited Edition My Cushion Mirror or My Cushion Puff. Here to check out more details about this Pop-Up Promotion.

Thanks Innisfree Malaysia for the love and fun! Innisfree Stores are located at these places below:
Sunway Pyramid G1.70 | Paradigm Mall Lot UG-11 | Pavilion KL Lot 4.02.02 | Suria KLCC Lot C11

Hope you get to choose your favourite My Cushion(s) that most reflect your taste and style, lovelies and enjoy the celebration. We know we did! 

Have a luminously beautiful weekend *_^ 

With love, 
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  1. This may sound superficial but I own about a half dozen cushion compacts and I have to admit that I chose them largely based on their pretty packaging ;p I've never really given Innisfree cushions a second look because they're kind of plain but this has all changed with this My Cushion series. Oh my so many choices! The kit you received is so cute as are the two compact designs. Hope you enjoy them! I have yet to try any Innisfree products yet but I got their Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam for my husband who I have on his own skincare routine and it works brilliantly for him. I hope to try some of their products eventually.

    I hope you are fully over that pesky flu bug by now and your nose is feeling better too Jeann. Sorry to hear about your FIL. Hopefully he is resting well and on his way to making a full recovery. Our health and well being is really so important no matter our age. I was really ill a few years ago and that was definitely my big takeaway and it made me change a number of habits. here's to taking food care of ourselves :) Have a wonderful new week my dear friend! xo

  2. I couldn't agree more with you on maintaining good health, no matter our age. I seriously think I need to look into changing some habits in my life too to gain better control of my own health here.


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