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[Review] M.A.C Star Trek Limited Edition | Shimmer With An Edge

In celebration of the fifty-year-long-standing sci-fi TV series, Star Trek, M.A.C released a whole line of makeup collection inspired by the strong female characters in the story. Personally, I do not know nor watched a single thing of Star Trek. The very few thing I know about the show are from our CalTech boys in The Big Bang Theory. Yeah, I am that kind of nerd. 

Despite my low affinity to Star Trek, it was pretty exciting to get a hold of some of the limited edition makeup for reviewing. What we got were the Trip The Light Fantastic Powder (Strange New Worlds), Lipglass (Set To Stun) and Kling-In-On Lipstick out of the entire themed line-up. Absolutely LOVE the colours!

Trip The Light Fantastic Powder (10g at MYR159)
All right, now that that's out of the way, we can move on to the more important stuff, the reason you are reading this. Having dark tanned skin can be quite a challenge when looking for shades of make-up that are compatible with my skin complexion. Overcoming the skepticism, I tried on the Trip The Light Fantastic Powder (in Strange New Worlds), a sheer plum shade. The other two shades available from the collection are Luna Luster and Highly Illogical (here for more). This Strange New Worlds shade face powder did not greatly alter my facial skin tone giving it a very natural look which was exactly what I wanted. It gives a shimmery finish with teeny weeny bits of glittering stars if you look closely. From a distance, it just makes you look bright and lively! The glitters do stick on you if touched, but it really shouldn't be a big deal for those who do not mind getting a bit sparkly. The sparkly glow should last for at least 3-4 hours but could be longer if you don't have the itchy fingers like I do. 

Due to its shimmer, a night setting would be perfect to brighten up the room as you walk in however, just a sweep or two should be light enough for day outings. Unless of course, you would not mind being seen as involved with the Cullen clan. Not fan of glittery things but the Strange New Worlds may be just an exception (the other two as well, for that matter) as I can just pair it with an eyeliner and matte or nude lipstick for a casual and natural look which is usually what I normally try to achieve when putting on makeup.

M.A.C Lipglass | Star Trek (4.8g at MYR85)
Now, to the frosty Lipglass in Set To Stun (other shades here). When I first saw it, I thought to myself if it could get any more glittery. Did I mention that I'm not a glitter gal? Anyway, the hint of purple amidst of all the silver was quite intriguing and the next thing I knew my lips were all glossy and shiny. The thicker than usual texture made it easy to apply and control the flow of application. This would come in handy if you are in a rush or doing it in the car while enduring peak hour traffic. 

Visual left and middle, Set To Stun alone. Visual right, layer it on top of another lipstick

I have to admit I did like how my lips were emphasised with the glossiness and was definitely happy that it was not the glitter particles that gave that finish. I also tried layering it on top of a different lipstick as it's rather plain on its own which would be the better option if you are going for some colour. I only wore it for about a couple hours and liked the fact it did not fade at all or required touch ups. The jojoba oil helps keep my lips hydrated and soft too. 

M.A.C Lipstick | Star Trek (3g at MYR85)
Now, to what I consider the best out of the three. The Kling It On lipstick (other shades here), a dark purple with fade glitter finishes. Yes, everything sparkles in this Star Trek limited edition collection. That aside, it's a new colour I was going to try on my lips and was very excited as it really went along with the gothic and edgy look which I always preferred but was still skeptical about the glitz. So, I put it on and showed it to the one-man audience I had before going to the mirror to check it out myself, fearing it would make me look a lot more like Edward Cullen's cousin than a distant relative to Rihanna. All he had to say was "Go look in the mirror and see how good it looks on you. This is your colour!" leading me to go check myself out. I just could not look away from the mirror, I thought I might have just fallen in love with the new shade of M.A.C Star Trek limited edition Kling it On lipstick! 

Marrying edginess and glamour, M.A.C had achieved an impressive balance between matte and glitter. Being into rock and goth, this lipstick complements that side of me while still accentuating the fun side of things with the faint shimmery finish. As the name suggests, I might just Kling On to it, if you know what I mean *_^ Even if you are not like me, this colour is still a must have as it can be just what you need to complete a look for a fun day out, social events, music concerts and festivals or costume parties. And, that reminds me, Halloween is around the corner, isn't it?

The M.A.C Star Trek limited edition Strange New Worlds pressed powder, Set to Stun lip gloss and Kling it On lipstick give an edgy glow to any look that you might want to pull, With a little bit of chic, a little bit attitude, this collection is for everyone who wants to dress to impress or just to be a little daring if it's even for just one night, or, day,  for that matter!

Beauty review by Nalinie Rajah, contributing writer.
Nalinie is a PR practitioner with a hippie mind and gothic heart. An introvert who expresses herself through words and visuals, she has great interests in psychology, politics and philosophy. Essentially, she has a casual persona with an indulgence in outdoor activities and extreme sports. 

Once again, thanks M.A.C Malaysia for the love. More about the Star Trek collection here. Till our next beauty adventure, have a luminously beautiful new week ahead, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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  1. Oh la la! I'm in love with the packaging already! and that lipstick is so rad :D

    Stephanie |

    1. Right, Stephy. M.A.C is always full of character when it comes to Colours *_^

  2. Gorgeous post! The lipstick is really quirky, always like something a little bit different. Great post and photos.

    Laura x

  3. I love that you have a contributing writer now, Jeann, shows your blog is getting bigger! Love this review and Nalinie is beautiful!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Haha thanks thanks. I am trying this out as I really need some help with some blog posts these days.

      Glad that you find this interesting. Hope you are keeping well.


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