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[FACES] The Exquisite Sharing of Melvita's Nectar Suprême The Serum & Oil & All Things Organic With Didier Thevenin

We had the pleasure of attending one of our favourite French organic beauty brands, Melvita's new Nectar Suprême The Serum & Oil sharing session recently and got a chance to have a chat with the brand's Head of Global Training, Education & PR, Mr. Didier Thevenin. It was most definitely an eye-opener to be able to listen, first-hand from a trainer's perspective, in terms of how one should approach anti-ageing skincare while at the same time, embrace how we age, as naturally as possible, as women. So, here is our quick chat and our exquisite time with Melvita Malaysia that very beautiful afternoon, at Ciao Restorante. Thanks to our friends at Melvita Malaysia for the kind arrangement *_^

Born in 1963, Didier has spent his childhood abroad, until he was 18. Formerly PR for Interior Designers, Didier joined L'Occitane Group in 1998 as Training Manager for Europe, in the brand new L'Occitane en Provence Training Department. Since 2009, Didier has been in charged of creating the International Training Department for Melvita, with the exciting challenge of spreading worldwide the Melvita touch, "a clear vision of the organic beauty". The action field of his responsibilities is various - instructional design, training strategy, animation of training schools and brand ambassador.

What are the first signs of ageing? 
It really depends on the culture and country. For example, in Japan, it would be lack of radiance, but for France, it is entirely different. For French women, it would be wrinkles. But generally, for me, it all depends on how you feel. There is no specific age to start incorporating anti-ageing products. In fact, technically, 25 is when a woman's skin metabolism starts slowing down. It may be a good time to consider some sort of prevention. It may not be necessarily anti-ageing, but if you wish, by all means. There is only prevention, one cannot really stop the ageing process entirely. First wrinkles are due to lack of suppleness. Moistusing is crucial. If you have combination skin, your ageing process is slower compared to those who have dry skin. Most importantly is to moisturise your skin and maintain its suppleness. Even if you have dry skin, you still need moisturiser as your skin is covered with hydrolipidic film (a protective film that covers the entire surface of the skin and is composed mainly of sweat, sebum and water and its main function is to defend the skin against bacteria, acting as an external protective barrier).

Any tips to maintain a younger looking skin?
You know most of the women tend to have this misconception thinking that the skin needs a lot. We tend to pile up layers and layers of skincare products on one face. On the contrary, sometimes all our skin need is a vacation. When you go on vacation, it is to disconnect, from the world. Let your skin disconnect as well. Your skin reacts like your body. Treat your skin with very very simple and mostly raw products. For example, if you go on vacation, just bring along a bottle of Floral Water and a little bottle of Argan Oil. Forget all your creams, leave them at home. Do it twice a day, morning and evening. Let your skin breathe. Your skin will thank you for that. No way that you can send your skin on a vacation if you use complicated skincare products or ones that are filled with petrochemical or harsh ingredients that do more harm to your skin than making it feeling refreshed, like clogging your pores, for instance. One should use skincare that has strong affinity to your skin and nothing is stronger than those that are derived from vegetable or plant-based world.

Drink a lot of water. Have a healthy lifestyle. Skin hygiene and cleanliness is crucial. Adopt double-cleansing, which include removing makeup and cleansing after that. Use very gentle cleanser and avoid soap. Soap is your biggest enemy as it will strip your skin off the oil, with such high PH level. Choose a cream that your skin can accept, avoid those which contain mineral oils (pore clogging) and silicones (plastic, non-biodegradable, harmful for your skin).

Usually how long does it take for one to see the efficacy of a skincare or its results?
Normally it would be approximately a month as this would be your skin renewal cycle. It takes about 28 days, which is the complete renewal of your skin and and it all depends on individual. For anti-ageing, one will need a little more time. Miracle does not happen. Give it time.

How is beauty oil helpful to our skin?
I shall talk about beauty oil that is naturally derived. Vegetable oils are perfect. Beauty oil is essential as it is the closest thing to what your skin needs and produces. It has a very high affinity. There are two main actions - to protect and gives suppleness to your skin.

What is your definition of beauty? 
Natural is beautiful, for me. I am not against surgery or what not. As long as you are not putting yourself in danger. My definition of beauty is natural beauty obtained through natural beauty products. The more you go natural, the lesser that you are disrupting the natural balance of your skin, because your skin is natural. Go for something that can be natural yet very sensorial, like the Nectar Suprême The Serum & Oil. It is a very sophicated formula yet based on natural ingredients.

Another side note on being beautiful is the way you do your cleansing, which is very crucial. Be it you choose to use an oil-based cleanser or a milk-based one. Only cleanser that contains oil will be able to remove makeup effectively as makeup contains oil too. Only oil can remove oil, and choose oil that is rinsable, either they are to be emulsified into foam or milky texture, it does not matter, as long as you rinse it off after and not leave the oil on your skin.

The beauty secrets of French women?
Now there is a real trend, change your lifestyle and habits, and your skin will transform. For me, Asian are the most sophisticated in terms of skincare. French women are most practical in that sense as they do not wish for a miracle and they adopt easy steps of skincare regime. On the side note, don't underestimate eye contour cream, it is important to incorporate that into your skincare regime as the delicate eye areas are usually the first signs of ageing and where wrinkles occur. You can even make your own eye contour essence, just simply mix corn flour, floral water and avocado oil, blend it well and apply this with cotton pads which are soaked in this concoction and leave it on your eye lids. It will help improve the suppleness of your skin.

Visual courtesy of Melvita Malaysia

Didier followed up with explaining some of his job scopes whereby he always try and make sure that Melvita's Beauty Advisors would be able to explain and answer inquiries coming from the consumers who intend to purchase the beauty products. He revealed that the lab and the team of scientists at Melvita has, time and time again, tried to push the envelope of organic skincare to make them not only effective, but also pleasurable to use. The new Nectar Suprême The Serum & Oil is one good perfect example.

That was truly an interesting learning session for us as we took so much away just by listening to Mr. Didier. We hope you have learnt a thing or two as well about organic skincare. We shall be sharing with you on our experience using the new serum soon, so check back here for more. Here to discover more about Melvita the French organic brand. Thanks for having us, as always!

As always, have a luminous and happy time *_^

With love, 
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