Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanks OLAY Singapore For The Most Miraculously Beautiful & Memorable Media Trip!

After 3 years of blogging at LUMINNEJ, a special invite came through one of our favourite PR agencies, Priority and it never crossed our mind that our very FIRST media trip could come from a long-standing beauty brand that needs no introduction by now. Yes, we are talking about OLAY and this time around, it was OLAY Singapore who made it all possible for us, truly as little did we know that we were about to embark on one of the greatest media trips of our blogging lifetime, to be precise *_^ There will be two parts to this post, one on the Olay media trip and the other, we feel, we would definitely want to include our most remarkable stay and experience over at the St. Regis Singapore (here for more), 5 star luxury, at its finest, truly!

We in fact shared about our experience using the new formulated #MiracleDuo recently here before the media trip came about. Nonetheless, we were still very excited to discover more about the technology and idea behind these miracle wonders from Olay. So, armed with only the knowledge of a rundown schedule for the media trip (which seemed pretty relaxing), we arrived in Singapore recently, together with other fellow Malaysian bloggers and media friends and checked into the absolutely stunning looking St. Regis Singapore. One blogger to a room, mind you. Thanks #OlaySG for being so considerate and sweet *_^ 

Let's take a look at what's behind the latest offerings by Olay Regenerist, their anti-aging range of skincare products. Cellular Bioenergetics is an explosive scientific field studying cell energy production and consumption in living skin cells. Olay Skincare Scientists are among the first in the industry in applying Cellular Bioenergetics tools and leveraging partnerships with established experts to provide new-to-the-world insights to the understanding and care of ageing skin. In a revolutionary approach, Olay Skincare Scientists and their International Research Partners are combining the most advanced Cellular Bioenergetics Tools with genomics, proteomic, and human skin modelling approaches to generate deep new insights into skin ageing and use this as an inspiration to identify active ingredients that can accelerate anti-aging results for fast, noticeable results. 

Visual Courtesy of Olay Singapore, Maggie Lee explaining about the science behind the Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo

Back to the media launch of Olay's #MiracleDuo, which consist of the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. That day, we were transported from the hotel (after a quick refreshing) to this wonderful venue called Nosh @Rochester Park. Upon arrival, one could almost understand why the place was chosen - lush green surroundings, coupled with serene and peaceful atmosphere, the vibe was a perfect setting for an exquisite afternoon with Olay Singapore. 

Visual courtesy of Olay Singapore, seen here is Roseanne Tang working her magic during the makeup session

Emceed by the witty and lovely Munah Bagharib, all dressed up in red, the launch swiftly turned into a skincare and makeup hands on workshop session by the charming Singapore Youtuber and makeup artist, Roseanne Tang. It was fun to be able to play around with some skincare and makeup items. After that, we moved over to another session of the event, an introduction of the science behind the Olay Regenerist by Maggie Lee. Here we were exposed to some sort of lab experiments, detailing how certain ingredients are used and administered and some of the effects they have on our skin. Technically infused and informative most definitely. The afternoon slowly slipped into a much more relaxing free-and-easy mode and ended with an exquisite dinner at The Country Kitchen @Noshery, just a bridge across (literally) from the event venue, courtesy of our gracious host, Olay Singapore.

All in all, it was such a rewarding experience, getting to know the Olay brand much closer, and intimately in such a refreshing manner. Our trip could not have been better, spending time with brand and most of all, like-minded blogger friends to hang out with at the same time! (we strolled over to a nearby Starbucks joint to check it out after the event, actually).

Now, let us not forget, another equally enchanting chapter of our media trip this time around, is the hotel that we were put up at - the luxurious St. Regis Singapore (here for more). Situated at the heart of the city's premier shopping district and just minutes from the city centre, the world-class shopping of Orchard Road and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Singapore Botanic Gardens are at the visitor's doorstep. One almost seemed to get lost in this world that is rich in textures, effortless refinement and eloquent tastes in all its grandeur, from the signature Butler Service, epicurean moments to the richly decadent rooms and suites, and most of all, marvelled by its sheer beauty and elegance, at least, to us it was. It captured our heart the moment we opened the white pristine door to our room for the night. 

The bed called out to us like an enigmatic lover trying to lull us into its embrace, the soft pillows and layers of bed linens enveloped us totally, without even warning us that we could just slipped into the abyss of perpetual dreamland, not wanting to wake up the next morning, to be precise, haha *_^ Of course, before that, we could not help ourselves but to wonder into the bathroom and we could almost be certain that we could stay in the bath tub for hours and hours without end, if only time is eternally at our disposal and on our side.

We managed to squeeze in a quick steam bath session at the end of our first day, after the event, and it was such a soothing pampering session. The next morning, we woke up feeling all energised and could not help ourselves but to request for the St. Regis legendary Butler Service, to run our shower for us. We were bathed in total bliss that late morning! 

Though we didn't manage to get some visuals of the breakfast spread, but trust us when we say we had the most delicious omelette we have tasted in a long long time! The breakfast at Brasserie Les Saveurs (here) was most definitely a sumptuous one. We even had some time to spare to check out some neighbouring cafes and H&M stores before we left for the airport to head back to KL.

Our first media trip? Beyond and exceeded our expectation. It was such a beautiful and memorable one, we could not have asked for more. A huge thanks to Olay Singapore team for such a remarkable experience and Priority PR for the job well done. Here for more on Olay Singapore/Malaysia and its official online presence here

We hope that this will pave way to more adventurous media trips for LUMINNEJ in the coming new year. One can never know, right? We shall keep our fingers crossed. Till our next rendezvous, have a luminously happy week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. Wow it looks like Olay really went all out for this brand event! Lucky you to be invited and thank your for sharing the experience with us Jeann. Your hotel room looks like an absolute dream. It's lovely to be pampered like that every so often isn't it ;p Nice to see an established brand like this still pulling put all the stops like this.

    Hope you're having a lovely week sweet friend! xo

    1. Haha yes indeed, I am blessed and so grateful for the experience and opportunity to be part of such a great occasion!


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