Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Lovely Pink Afternoon With RMK [PLAY ON PINK]

We were cordially invited to this part of the town, a place called WORK@Clearwater, and one must be wondering why (but later we found out). Upon arriving, am pretty much fascinated by the way this cosy restaurant, PLOY was being decorated and turned into for a fun pink afternoon event. Yes, we were at RMK's 2014 Spring Summer Collection Press Launch, how lovely is that? Great way to start the new year 2014 for LUMINNEJ *_^

Firstly, we were invited over to the Face Closet Gallery. What greeted us was an array of RMK's latest 2014 Spring Summer Collection, all filled with the colour PINK! The collection was on display, along with some of RMK's best selling make-up product. Make-up artists were on standby to even give your make-up a touch-up using the latest products from the collection. I am not so much of a glossy-lip kind of woman, but nonetheless, I do see how appealing it can be for some (looking into my own reflection in the mirror *_^). You immediately feel all cheery and happy due to the bright hues and ultra shiny finishing. 

The new collection is fun, with a theme of kaleidoscope, filled with many colours that one can play around with. Aren't make-up supposed to be fun, anyway? I was especially drawn to the lovely pink pastel colours of two of the new nail colours and the finishing powders. They look so pearlescent pretty! Really.

Not long after that, the press launch was well on the way, introducing RMK's latest PLAY ON PINK 2014 Spring Summer Collection. It was immediately followed by a live demonstration on how to use this palette by none other than RMK global make-up artist, Mr. Yasuhiro Nakamizu. Two different looks were created on two very different models for the afternoon. One is a more classic soft natural beige look and the other one is a more fun pink look, both equally lovely and enchanting.

The food was  exquisite, the ambience was excellent, the decor design suit the whole kaleidoscope theme that made it even more intriguing. Can tell much thought had been put into making the event a pleasant one. All in all, we had fun and were entertained. I even had a face-to-face chat with Mr. Yasuhiro Namakizu himself for our FACES segment. Do stay tuned for that soon.

Meanwhile, one can expect pretty pink palette by RMK this season as it will hit the counters this month itself, just in time for the festive Chinese New Year celebration! We shall also be looking into the collection more in focus in our next parter of the blog post. Do check back for more if you are a big fan of this timeless colour PINK and find out what's in this limited edition collection that is so irresistible. You can also find out more here.

Till the next time, have fun preparing for the coming Chinese New Year celebration (for those who celebrate) and have a fun holidays ahead, for the rest.

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  1. I don't think we get this brand in the US but their Spring collection looks incredibly pretty and what a fun and fabulous way to launch it!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Oh, you can't get RMK there? That's strange indeed. Absolutely pretty and I did enjoy myself tremendously. It would be perfect for this festive season of Chinese New Year!

      How are you celebrating it, my friend? Travelling to anywhere?

      Am staying put, haha.



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