Friday, January 24, 2014

[Spaces] House C16 H14 03

House C16 H14 03
Location: Sao Paulo/ Brasil
Architect: Marcio Kogan

We love this house! The concept to the house is the play of transparencies and light filters. It is spacious, modern with a minimalistic approach. If you have no kids at home, the staircases with suspended steps do not seem that intimidating after all. The house seems to come alive at night with such beautifully crafted and designed lights that illuminate the creative space. 

Once the sliding glass door is opened, it totally frees one of the corners of the ground. During the day, it bathes the internal space of the living room with sunlight. The living room then becomes the extension of the garden, to give the notion of a more wider space, and bringing in the nature to the house. 

Such a lovely space to be in, right? Simply divine. All pictures via The Architect HOUSE app available on mobile phones.  

Hope you have found your dream home *_^ 

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  1. This house is so stunning. I just love how bright and modern it i and the open concept is awesome. I live in my dream city but I wouldn't mind a larger home.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Yes, Rowena! It's stunning, isn't it? So simple yet pleasing in so many ways. Am sure you are living in your dream city. Hope one day if I ever go to NYC, we shall be able to catch up and chat about all the things we love *_^


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