Friday, September 2, 2016

[Review] Laneige NEW Generation BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50 PA+++

Our first event with the iconic Korean beauty brand from AmorePacific that pioneered, introduced to the world and created a global phenomenon with its very first creation of a Korean BB Cushion was an interesting one. Yes, we are very sure you know which brand we are talking about, LANEIGE it is, a brand that was made famous by the amazingly gorgeous brand ambassador of its brand, Song Hye Kyo (which happened to be one of our favourite Korean actresses!). In fact, Leneige cushions remain to date, the global number 1 selling cushion with 10,000,00 pieces sold globally thus far. We have tried Leneige introductory skincare pack many years back, cushion compact? This would be our first. Let's find out what is intriguing about the new 3rd generation of Laneige BB cushion, shall we?

At the media launch, we were told this new cushion is Impossible To Compare! Maybe because Laneige cushions won 82 medals at Global Beauty Awards? Not just that, we believe, it is also due to its newly improved and upgraded formula, packaging and functionality. Since it's first introduction in 2012, Leneige BB Cushions have evolved over the years, with its BB Cushion Whitening, Pore Control and Anti-Aging in 2014 to now, its 3rd generation of BB Cushion_Whitening and Pore Control this year. Some of the highlights of the latest versions of both Whitening and Pore Control include:

Highlight 1
3D Skin Fit Cushion - strong and elastic, the '3D Skin Fit' cushion allows for easy pick up of product, with the right amount needed, evenly using the puff. 

Highlight 2
Hydro Ion Mineral Water - upgraded with Laneige's signature Hydro Ion Mineral Water that contains 6 minerals (magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium) and 3 Essential Vitamins (A, C and E), for longer lasting moisturisation. 

Highlight 3
Super Flex Lasting™- new feature that intensifies the long-lasting effect of smooth and even skin texture by the anti-darkening film layer by spreading itself over the skin surface to conceal facial wrinkles.

Since we have open pores around our cheek area, we started trying out the Leneige BB Cushion_Pore Control first over the Whitening one. Here to share some of our experience using it.

The New Laneige BB Cushion_Pore Control (15g x 2 at MYR159)
First off, we are totally swoon over the new facelift to the casing of the cushion. It looks sleek, with a touch of futuristic feel to it, due to its holographic cover that diffuses light in different colours, reflecting the philosophy of sparkling beauty. It is fun to observe as it catches light whenever you put on your foundation. We noticed that the Whitening cushion has a silver rim while the Pore Control cushion has a light turquoise rim instead. 

This Pore Control cushion supposed to give our skin moisture with a semi-matte finish. With the upgraded new technology, it is designed with a Two-Step Oil Control System that controls excess sebum, so that skin can look fresh all-day, with their Selective Oil-Balancing Powder™, working to keep the skin surface matte without drying the skin. Their Pore Minimising technology prevents accessive sebum secretion while moisturising and strengthening the skin barrier. 

We have not used the previous generations of Laneige BB Cushions before, so we can't attest to how much better this new designed cushion surface fare compared to its predecessors. It does pick up the foundation well enough to be dabbed in a patting motion on our face. We love the fact that it comes with SPF50, PA+++, knowing that our skin gets the broad-spectrum UV protection from harmful UV rays from a hot and humid weather here. We noticed it does have that blurring effect after application, should be due to its soft powder content. 

It leaves a natural finish with a semi-matte look, soft and lovely. We did not need to powder our face. We did have two instances where there were some itchiness felt when we used this BB Cushion though. We could not pin point why and what exactly were the issues, but it did not occur again after that. So could be an isolated case due to other reasons.

Staying power of this cushion can be enhanced if a primer is used underneath before the foundation application. It is also waterproof and therefore provides long lasting makeup due to its anti-darkening powder (part of the proprietary Dual Powder Formula) which is resistant to sweat, sebum and heat. Since we have combination skin and do tend to sweat quite a bit under our tropical humid weather, we find this cushion fare pretty well in keeping our skin cool and fresh for an extended period of time.

If one tends to use too much products to cover up uneven skin tone, this Pore Control one is now formulated with Cotton Candy Powder that features a porous and ultra-light texture while providing excellent coverage. Skin definitely feels more refreshed with just a thin layer.

Another awesome thing we would like to highlight about this new 3rd generation of Laneige BB Cushions is its wide range of shades available. From catering to the more yellow-based skin tone to those more pinkish ones. There is one for every skin tone. BB Cushion Neutral Tone Colours (for warm and yellow undertones), Laneige has shades like 13, 21, 23, 31, 33 and 35. For BB Cushion Cool Tone Colours (for cool red undertones), Laneige has two shades in 13C and 21C. Both Whitening and Pore Control Cushion sets come with a refill at MYR159 and are now available at all Laneige boutiques and beauty counters.

Thanks Laneige Malaysia for the invite and the opportunity to try out your cushions. We are definitely enjoying this one thus far. Here for more about the brand and here for the latest updates via their Instagram feed and here on Facebook.

Stay tuned as we shall share our experience using the Whitening one soon. Till then, have a relaxing weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. I haven't broken into mine yet, but I want to now that I've read your review! My humongous pores would definitely benefit from the blurring effect, lol!

    1. haha got humongous pores meh, dearie??? can't wait for your review!

  2. My very first cushion was from Laneige and it was a good introduction but ultimately not a rebuy for me cause I just wanted more. These really sounds like they are next gen with more features and skin benefits. I hope they'll make their way to the US soon. And yes please do share your experience with the Whitening one.

    Hope all has been well with you dear Jeann! Happy weekend and happy September my friend!

    1. haha I know you are a huge cushion fan there, Rowena. I guess our taste and needs change as we go along. Perhaps take a look at these when they hit your shore and test out at the boutique to see if they will rekindle your love for them again *_^

  3. I love the cushions, it has changed my life in the whole foundation game! Love how compact and moist they are. It's also great that they have SPF as well! Laneige is one of my favourite skincare line and they work so well! Thanks for a lovely review babe!

    Stephanie |

  4. Oh this sounds decent. I like the pore blurring effect. Thanks for the reveiw.

    Allie of

  5. one of my fave brands and this is no exception!


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