Saturday, October 1, 2016

[Inspiration | Musing] Oh October, How Should I Exist? For You Or For Myself?

September whisked by with great moments of short escape, long-awaited, totally grateful for such an opportunity. Time spent away out of the norm seems like wind blowing ever so gingerly, beautiful yet disappear without a trace so swiftly. How we wish it could stay on a while more, to ease the tiredness of our mind.

How many of us live this life, putting on the best smiles on our face, but not revealing those tears behind them? How many of us live this life, amongst the sea of humanity, only to feel the loneliest soul that is standing in the middle of the street, or at the edge of the lake, letting our own reflection starring right back at us? How many of us live this life, in pretence that everything is lovely from the outside, when everything else is broken from the inside?

But then again ...

Life should be beautiful, life is beautiful, life can only be beautiful if you allow it to, if you only try a little harder, cease those moments of happiness that silently creep through, like a beam of sunshine in the morning, like the sip of tea in the mind of the wanderer.

Free your mind and believe that the best will belong to you, eventually, one fine day.

How do you see your October, my lovelies?

Visuals via LUMI Pinterest here: 1 Black and White  | 2 Had Me At Hello | 3 By The Lake | 4 Morning Tea Bag | 5 Free In My World

With love, 
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