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[Review] M.A.C It's A Strike - It's Striking, Alright!

Hello there! Nalinie here. We are back again with three more products from M.A.C Cosmetics to test and review. From It's A Strike collection (here for more), we have the Perfect Score Lipstick of deep red tone, Perfect Frame Lipgloss which is in deep burgundy and the lime-green with yellowish hue, Bowlarama Eyeshadow. The collection comes in varied hues that may just strike you as fancy and fun. Stick around and find out more, will you, lovelies?

Wearing Bowlarama Eyeshadow and Perfect Frame Lipgloss

M.A.C Bowlarama Eyeshadow (1.3g at MYR75)
The light yellowish green shade of the Bowlarama Eyeshadow comes with a shimmery finish. It looks a lot darker than it did on my skin. However, the lightness of the shade gives a very subtle look. I tried adding few extra layers to make it more distinguished but there wasn't much visible difference. I was not really satisfied with the way the colour looked against my skin. As I do not play with eyeshadows much and I don't own many of them. With the only other eyeshadow in my possession which is of yellowish-gold tone, I mixed and blended it with the Bowlarama. It looked really pretty in my head but in reality, not to the result that I was expecting. The two colours could only be distinguished by a very fine line and it further buried the green shade. It also seemed as if the colour started fading off quite quickly. While I found the shade of lime-green to not complement my skin complexion, I do wonder how it would look if paired with a darker shade. Maybe, an experiment for another time then. More shade selections here.

M.A.C Perfect Frame Lipgloss (2.7g atMYR92)
The burgundy Perfect Frame Lipgloss is an excitingly sexy colour. One thing about M.A.C lipgloss is that I have noticed so far, is their texture, it is not very watery and fluid. Even for an occasional wearer of makeup, the application of the gloss was of ease, giving an even coat with just one swipe. The wetness was at the right amount that I was able to fully apply the gloss before it started to dry off. How well the burgundy shade complimented my skin complexion was amazing! While it did not really make my lips stand out, it also did not fail to give it a sharp look with the shiny metallic finish. With minimal touch up required, it is a colour and look that would sit well and look good with almost any kind of style, be it corporate formal, casual, elegant and/ or even glamour. In my opinion, the M.A.C Perfect Frame Lipgloss is a must have solely for its colour which I find to be rathe unique. Here for more shade selections.

Wearing Perfect Score Lipstick

M.A.C Perfect Score Lipstick (3g at MYR78)
My favourite of the three products was the deep cherry-red Perfect Score Lipstick. I was taken by the colour even before I tried it on which only enthused me further to see how it looked on me. The lipstick applied smoothly with no excessive moisture. Certain lipsticks come with a creamy moisture quality which makes it easier to get off track while applying as well as smudge. I had no such trouble with this one as it gave more of a matte finish and hugged my lips as if it was the natural colour. Having said that, wearing it on already dry lips may not be a very good idea as it really brings out the cracks and chaps. So, best to exfoliate and keep your lips moisturized with a lip treatment or conditioner and prepped well with a lip balm of some sort before this lipstick. 

Accentuating the curves, your lips could seem naturally full and puffy, making it the most attractive feature on your face. Fair warning though, you might also end up with a rather dramatic look if you are not one for loud makeup *_^ I think it goes very well with tanned skin, I imagine the M.A.C Perfect Score Lipstick giving you the tempting luscious lips that you have always wanted. As for me, with this long-lasting lipstick in my arsenal, all I need is an eyeliner for a partner in crime and I would be all set to go out there and conquer the world! Here for more.

To conclude, I did not really find the Bowlaran Eyeshadow to be harmonious with both of the colours for the lips but I believe that with the right complimentary colour, anything can look amazing. Though I have to say that it is a pretty shade and it reminded me of Tinker Bell. It is so very her! That said, the lip shades would be for a more bold and adult look. But that's just me. You should try these for yourself to know it. 

Beauty review by Nalinie Rajah, contributing writer.
Nalinie is a PR practitioner with a hippie mind and gothic heart. An introvert who expresses herself through words and visuals, she has great interests in psychology, politics and philosophy. Essentially, she has a casual persona with an indulgence in outdoor activities and extreme sports. 

Once again, thanks M.A.C Malaysia for the love. Head over to M.A.C Cosmetics online here for more of your colourful makeup fix and stay up-to-date via their official Instagram feed here. Till our next beauty adventure, have a luminously fun new week ahead, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. I really like the look of the little golden eyeshadow and the berry lipstick and gloss. Both appealing colours and they look gorgeous on! Always think these are such flattering tones to wear and always ones I tend to opt for personally too.

    Very warming and perfect shades for Fall that's for sure!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Laura xo

    1. Haha thanks thanks Laura. Glad you liked the shades *_^ I totally love the lipstick shade though!

  2. The bold lipstick and lipgloss make a gorgeous duo for Autumn; there's no going wrong with MAC's paintbox red shades and the glow is sophisticated yet fun! Is it sad that I just *love* MAC's packaging? haha :) Brilliant read - thanks Nalinie!

    1. Haha we love their packaging as well? Nice Gabrielle


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