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[Review] Lancôme Grandiôse Liner and Grandiôse Extreme | Achieving That Irresistible Winged Eyes

We must first and foremost announce that we have never used a liquid eyeliner before! Just the thought of it scares us a little, feels so daunting, as we have butter and jittery fingers when it comes to drawing some precision lines, more so onto our delicate eyes area with some form of ink that is hard to erase if one makes a mistake. So, eager we were to explore the new Lancôme Grandiôse Liner (here for more) and its partner in crime, the Grandiôse Extrȇme (Mascara) at IOI City Mall when the invite came in from our lovely friends at Lancôme Malaysia recently. With all the #bendtheline buzz around this new fantastic 35 degree bendable wand, an exclusive technology by Lancôme, we definitely needed to check it out and also see if this one will ease our way into using a liquid eyeliner much more pleasantly with less anxiety *_^

Visual via Lancôme online site

Lancôme Grandiôse Liner (1.4ml at MYR115)
One of its kind and first ever for Lancôme, this bendable eyeliner comes in a beautiful tiny little bottle and handle, where the wand is bendable at a 35 degree angle, and pivots to allow for 2 stable hand positions during application. So, simply put, it twists left and right as there is a small metal ball at the hinge of the wand, which incidentally has an ombre-coloured gradient tone to it, with a tiny signature rose design, that makes it look classic yet chic. The design is intended to allow for precision application, better access to inner corner to the root of the lashes, closer access to the last line with whichever angle you are comfortable with. It has a really fine felt applicator tip which is made of nylon microfibres and resin. It comes in three shades - Black, Brown and Blue. The shade we have is 01 Noir Mirifique (black).

Surprisingly, this water-based new improved formula liquid eyeliner is easy to apply, the colour payoff is excellent, glides on really well, looks glossy when first applied but will dry down to a matte finish. The fact that this one is free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates is such a welcoming notion. If we had made a mistake with the line drawn, we can still quickly erase it with a cotton bud and reapply. Having said that, once it is set, it won't budge till we remove it. It is long lasting and non-transferrable. We also find that it gets removed effortless with our bi-phase eye makeup remover. We are really impressed with the formula and its ease of use, actually. The only thing we noticed was that it does finish up pretty fast. We believe the product is relatively little given the price point. The blue shade looks so captivatingly refreshing when the makeup artist applied it for us that day when we visited the kiosk. We believe whichever eyeliner looks that you are trying to achieve, be it cat eye, winged eye, feline flick and more, this little wonder will just be able to get the job done beautifully!

Grandiôse Extrȇme Mascara (10g at MYR130)
This would be our first time using a Lancôme mascara. It is said that this new one boasts even more extreme volume than the previous generation. The most extreme mascara yet, for the brand - exceptional volume, remarkable length and maximum lift. Sounds like a wonder product, right? The first thing that one would notice would be that it has a very peculiar shape to its wand, Lancôme calls it the Swan Neck™ Wand. It is designed to basically achieved the above mentioned. The ergonomic curve of the wand allow for precise application of every lash root to tip.

It is also said that the new high charge brush has dual bristles to load on maximum formula, and a new colour-boosting polymer that gives darker, blacker lashes. The long bristles provide precision and suppleness while the short bristles load on the formula.

In line with its partner, the Lancôme Grandiôse Liner above, this Lancôme Grandiôse Extrȇme does share the same aesthetics and free of those three ingredients. We did not find that the swan neck wand particularly made a lot of difference with our application though. It is a matter of finding some comfortable angles to work with. The bristles are pretty packed and therefore, do load on quite some content onto our lashes. It does lengthen and volumize our lashes but not to the extend that it was super impressive. The formula is not as fluid or watery as other mascaras that we have tried. We feel it works best at second coat, additional third coating, one may run the risk of this mascara clumping the lashes or making them look spiky. Though most often than not, we don't need anything more than second coat. Easy to remove most definitely.

All in all, these two new ones from Lancôme are a pleasure to use, especially the Lancôme Grandiôse Liner! Now that we could safely say that we have fallen in love with liquid eyeliner and would not be afraid to experiment with them more in the future. It was not that daunting after all, all it takes is more practice, and arm oneself with the right tools. Thanks #LancômeMY for the love and helping us take that leap of faith. Here for more and do keep up-to-date with the brand on their Instagram here.

Hope you lovelies are having a great week thus far and we shall catch you all around again soon! Stay happy and luminous always.

With love, 

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  1. This is such a luxurious looking eyeliner, firstly the packaging is gorgeous, and secondly the application really does look perfect. It's often hard to get eyeliner totally right and it really helps when the design of the product is there to assist so nicely.

    Great review this is one I will be checking out as I use liquid liner every time I go out, or a gel which can often go a little wonky!

    Laura xo

    1. Yes I couldn't agree more with you Laura, packaging is super gorgeous, thanks for stopping by, so lovely to see you again back here.

      Hope you are enjoying your weeekend so far

  2. Looking at you rocking that winged eyeliner Jeann! No one would ever know that you were an eyeliner newbie. This bendable wand does sound like it would be great for anyone of any skill level to use. And it's great to hear that Lancome has eliminated the nasties with these products. I've recently been experimenting with the puppy eye which follows the natural downward curve of the outside of one's eyes and I wonder if this would work for that as well. Sounds like you're enjoying playing with eyeliner now. Do continue having fun with it! Have a lovely weekend my dear friend!

    1. Haha indeed I have begun to expriment with liquid eyeliner now since started using this. Oh puppy eye look? I do that sometimes, with gel liner before, I believe this would be able to work and get that result too *_^

  3. You're eyeliner is on fleek! Gorgeous girl :)

    Stephanie |

  4. The liner looks so so interesting! Thanks for sharing a great review!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read, maybe we can follow each other on social media?

    Deepti xx

    1. You are most welcomed Deepti *_^ glad you enjoyed it


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