Saturday, October 22, 2016

[Review] Jo Malone London Basil & Neroli - That Cheeky London Lark Moments That Captivate The Young Soul In Us

Jo Malone London. Yes, you. You have never failed to amaze us, time and time again, with your signature style of scents, layering, pampering, with such an adventurous and explorative attitude. This latest one, The London Lark - Basil & Neroli range is no exception (here for more). We are indeed honoured and humbled yet again, to be able to be a part of this wonderful discovery and experience, to be introduced to us, that very enchanting morning, not too long ago.

That morning, the industrial space of Metal Bees Production House was turned into one that sprang alive with the mix of green and orange colour palette, totally reflecting the essence of this new Jo Malone London cologne, Basil & Neroli as it is one that has Basil Grand Vert and Basil Verbena as the top note, Neroli and the warmness of orange bigarade being the heart note and lastly, white musk as the base note to give it a lasting impression. This new cologne range was born through a working collaboration between Fragrance Director Céline Roux and Master Performer, Anne Flipo.

According to the talented duo, they wanted to capture the essence of London, the vibrancy of the city, yet, having the contrast of that botanical gardens, the greens and quietness that the other side of London has to offer. These spirit is embodied in the cologne that they have come to create. Here to explore more about the process of their creation. On that day, we were also fortunate to have the presence of Debbie Wild, the Lifestyle Director of Jo Malone London, all the way from London, to explain to us the brand, the art of layering scents, its philosophy of using only the best and rarest ingredients, bringing the classics to life via modern interpretations through the world of scents, that is uniquely Jo Malone London - cheeky yet ever-lastingly memorable and luxuriously pampering. We even got to see how buttons were made, right on the spot! We had such a good time that day *_^

We have always loved using basil as part of our cooking ingredients as it really gives the dish a whole new dimension of freshness and depth in taste. We have never thought that such a herb or plant can be so creatively used in a cologne though. To us, Basil & Neroli equates to a sense of freedom! Whenever we put it on, it instantaneously transports us back to when we were (much) younger, the days when there was never a worry of the world, everything seems fun, adventurous and inquisitive. A sense of exploration of the world seems the only thing we had in mind and that was exactly what we did - living it out, the only way we knew how, as a teenager. We looked at things and people with new eyes, there was always something new to learn. The scent evokes such free-spirited sense of treasure trove within the cologne - upbeat in its urban mode, refreshing in its natural approach and treatment. When pairing this with our other favourite cologne, Wood Sage & Sea Salt (here), it totally whisks us to a different world of imaginative pleasure of good feeling all together. A breathe of fresh air.

The London Lark Basil & Neroli collection is now available in store and below are the items included in this lovely range.

The Cologne (30ml at MYR245)
The Cologne (100ml at MYR485)
Body and Hand Wash (250ml at MYR205)
Body Creme (175ml at MYR370)
Home Candle (200g at MYR310)

Thanks again Jo Malone London team Malaysia for having us previously. It is always an exquisite time, well spent with you. Learn more about Jo Malone London here. If you are keen, you can always follow them on their instagram here. So, do you have a favourite Jo Malone London scent? We wonder which one(s) it may be.

Stay luminous and happy always, lovelies *_^

With love, 

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