Thursday, October 27, 2016

clé de peau BEAUTÉ And Its Roaring 20s Charm | A Night of Being Seductively Beautiful

The invitation from our friends at clé de peau BEAUTÉ Malaysia recently was most definitely an intriguing one. It came with the theme of Fearless Beauty In The Roaring 20s and all guests were requested to dress up in our most glamorous Art Deco outfits to fit that night's occasion. We were super excited, and could not wait to attend the soirée, actually.

The occasion or so-called party of the night was in celebration of the launch this luxurious brand's latest 2016 Holiday Collection, aptly having the theme, Les Années Folles. The location? Savini Ristorante Italiano at The Intermark and the venue was transformed into a space and time that we felt we have arrived at a different era, a time when a new, liberated age for post-war Europe was celebrated, a time when a young generation indulged in society's latest trend, the intelligentsia, culturati and artists communed at Parisian sidewalk cafes culture flourished.

clé de peau BEAUTÉ 2016 Autumn/Winter 2016 collection does not fall short of matching up to this roaring Twenties theme actually. Seductive Beauty, as the theme, the collection seems to land its rightful place as the ultimate seduction: bold confidence, fearless independence, and natural élan. According to the brand, with the lure of a temptress, your gaze is magnetic. Your smile is beguiling and utterly irresistible. Don't hold back. Be true to yourself - exuberantly feminine, sensuous, and carefree. All the world is captivated. There is no self-doubt. Your beauty beckon. That sounds really wonderful to us, don't you think so, lovelies?

The night was young, we had our makeup done by the clé de peau BEAUTÉ team before the soirée and the guests were slowly making their way to the party. We were totally mesmerised by the exquisite collection displayed that night, and even more intrigued by how some guests came totally in style, rocking that Fearless Twenties look! The Les Années Folles Collection took our breath away as the collaborative work with pop culture artist, Ashley Longshore truly brings out the sizzling seductive free-spirited side of the collection. The packaging is to die for, we feel *_^

Thanks clé de peau BEAUTÉ team Malaysia for the invite! Stay tuned as we shall review some of the items from the holiday collection soon here. More about this season's makeup collection here and about the brand here. On the last note, we also found the behind-the-scene inspirational story of the female artist, Tamara de Lempicka truly an amazingly one. She is definitely one most legendary lady who had lived during that era. Read more about her story here, we are very sure that you will be pleasantly surprised, like us.

All in all, we are absolutely in love with the theme and concept of this clé de peau BEAUTÉ latest collection. Till our next beauty escapade and adventure, have a luminously happy rest of the week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. Sounds like such a lovely event! And i've heard so many great things about cle de peau and their concealers <3 Lusting over your photos right now, cause they're absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to read more - love ya sweetie.

    Stephanie |

    1. haha yes! the concealer is one of their best sellers! I love their lipsticks *_^ awww thanks thanks dearie! you made my day.

      thanks for dropping by and say hi

  2. sounds like a great event :)

    also amazing blog!!

    1. thanks thanks Emma! glad you like it *_^ hope to see you again


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