Friday, August 29, 2014

Inspiration | Bette Franke by David Bellemere For Porter Magazine Fall2014

The week is gingerly winding down and this weekend is quite special for all Malaysians as we are celebrating our 57th Independence Day. Lots would have made plans as it is a short long weekend (are we making sense? haha *_^), Monday is also a public holiday for us. Yay! 

We discovered this editorial spread called Time After Time (oh Cindy Lauper's number spring to our mind *_^) and found it pretty captivating, almost has that weekend sort of feel, with a touch of glam here and there, yet encompasses that retro feel to it. Everything seems effortless, that is how we feel a weekend should be. Thought to share it with you here.

We shall leave you with more pictures to speak for themselves and hope everyone is excited about the weekend. All pictures via one of our favorite blogs, Visual Optimism here.

Model | Bette Franke (DNA)
Photographer | David Bellemere
Stylist | Ondine Azoulay (CLM)
Hair | Maxim Mace (Calliste)
Hair | Topolino (Calliste)

Wish you are feeling as dreamy as the visuals for the weekend to come *_^ Stay luminous!

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  1. This editorial has the most fabulous retro feel! I'm especially loving the hair and makeup! Enjoy your long weekend Jeann! We have a long weekend in the US as well as Monday is Labor Day.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Yes, the feeling is mutual. Thanks for dropping by! Oh, you have a great long weekend too, Rowena *_^

  2. Hi there, In love with this pics! great editorial! I one all the clothes!! now I only need to win the lottery!! a haha!
    Have a lovely holiday!!

    1. Haha Arely,

      We share the same feeling and thoughts too! I too would love to have these clothes, but some of them we won't be able to wear them under such a tropical weather like Malaysia!

      Lottery? That's never a bad idea, but I don't buy them, so fat chances that I will win one! haha

      Thanks for dropping by, dearie *_^


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