Thursday, August 21, 2014

M.A.C Autumn/Winter 2014 Trend Presentation by Romero Jennings In KL

We were super duper excited to be invited to our very first M.A.C event! Yes, and this time, this leading brand of professional cosmetics will unveil their latest autumn winter 2014 trends via a special presentation by the fabulous Romero Jennings, Director of Makeup Artistry, all the way from New York to Malaysia! Such luck we were in, all thanks to the kind people over at M.A.C. Malaysia *_^

The day started off with a beautiful reception at The Gardens Theatre (it was also our very first time there), with a quick morning breakfast and all of us were ushered into the well decorated theatre seating of the hall, all geared up to be wowed, most definitely...

Out came the sleek looking, all-in-black Romero Jennings on stage, saying hello to everyone and swiftly went along to introduce us the up-and-coming makeup trends and those on the catwalks of major fashion shows. Such exciting play up (and at times, play down) on myriad of colours and palates, with such different finishings and textures. Very intriguing indeed.  

According to this experienced director, this season, M.A.C celebrates beauty in a real big way - BEAUTY IS INDIVIDUALITY! We were loving what we were hearing already. Yes! It has become something of a beautiful paradox. It is about artistry to achieve something that looks essentially un-cosmetics (wow, sounds cool indeed), guess it is achievable these days all thanks to the ever more sophisticated and subtle makeup formulations and applications.

Romero shared that there are basically four main trends - Off Colour, Streamlined, On Reflection and Unprocessed. We shall go into more details of each trend in our next blog post when we share more in depths about each trend and its looks with you!

To make it more fun, Romero brought out models with each different look to further demonstrate and bring to life the Autumn/Winter 2014 trends that rocked international runways as it happened in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Here are the looks recreated by the maestro for the day.

"This is the season to experiment and break away from conventional beauty. This unexpected nuance of highlighting and maximizing minimalism is the key!", revealed Romero Jennings.

We do personally feel that this latest trends are pretty wearable and easily transformable from runways to real life day-to-day ready makeup looks. Very versatile, most definitely. We had such great fun, we even had a one-to-one session with Romero Jennings himself, which we shall share via our FACES segment soon! So stay tuned for more.

Appetizer dish was a wild mushroom with white truffle oil soup
Our lunch was a baked cod with sun dried tomato pischacio couscous dish. Yummilicious! 
We finished off our lunch with a dessert of peach and banana crumble

Meanwhile, the morning unwounded to a slow and easy breezy yet deliciously lovely afternoon lunch, beautiful dishes specially prepared by Alexis, courtesy of M.A.C Malaysia. All in all, we met some new industry friends and had such an awesome time.

We hope to share more about the trends with you all real soon *_^ Till then, we leave you with a sneak peek of what is to come and hope you will check back for more lovely luminous stuff.

All backstage makeup and M.A.C product pictures courtesy of M.A.C Malaysia. Discover more of the brand and trends here. Will also review the goodies that we have received in the short future.

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  1. Gorgeous!! Totally love that blue eyeliner! =D Makes me wanna go get one now =)

    1. Haha yup yup such a colour that pops, right?

  2. Oh wow I so would have loved to have attended this event. Lucky you!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Hi Allie,

      Yup it was such a fun fun event! Am that lucky gal *_^ Thanks for dropping by. Chat soon!

  3. Ahh that cat-eye! Love how the blue eyeliner makes the eyes pop!

    1. yes indeed, Aggie! But don't think I can rock that blue eyeliner look *_^


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