Wednesday, August 27, 2014

KLFW2014: Still Rocking It The Farah Khan Way

The sheer name-mention of the word Farah Khan is enough to turn heads, be it whether you are a local fashion buff or one of the many die-hard fans from a string of Hollywood celebrity followers of the brand. Farah Khan as a brand is synonymous with beautifully handcrafted and hand beaded sequin dresses, with a feel of luxe and femininity. She embraces the whole womanhood in terms of style as well as empowering us with a sense of control over what woman really love - to feel beautiful and be your beautiful best, in the most glamourous way, of course *_^

The recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW2014) show was no exception. Dato really does know how to put on a great show! Opening act is always an attention grabber, with a group of models wearing lovely sequin shorts and pants, knee-length killer boots and casual-chic sweater with bold statements that echo her philosophy towards life and fashion in general, coupled with upbeat fast-paced music. Such a great vibe it was.

This runway collection saw a play of designs, shapes and psychedelic geometrical lines and patchwork, yet, maintaing the brand's signature heavily-sequin approach to the pieces. We love the bling bling and some of the pieces showcased that night, including the faux-fur collar series. It was filled with the whole swing sixties vibe. Here are some of LUMI's favorite picks from the collection above and the rest of the ensembles below.

Since some of our pictures captured that night turned out pretty blurry (but glowing, nonetheless), all pictures here courtesy of the kind people at the Melium Group. All in all, it was an entertaining evening show (much highly anticipated by most guests attended that night), but secretly, somewhere deep down, we only wished that we were served with a big surprise by Farah Khan, as it is quite the expected from the brand, all along (too greedy, we must be!) But then again, they say, why rock the boat when it works all along, right?

Here for more of this internationally renowned local brand. Hope Farah Khan continues to rock the fashion scene here as well as abroad and make us proud! ASIA ROCKS! Yay *_^ Till our next flashback of the KLFW2014, have an awesome mid week!

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  1. Farah Khan definitely have a team of very talented people. Just looking at the designs, you know they're all nothing but hotness! I love those printed sweaters =)

    1. Farah Khan never fail to entertain, that's for sure!


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