Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[Inspiration] Dreaming In Shades of White and Brown

Perhaps you were my sunny white sun ray that creeps into my bathroom or my living space that very morning when I gently opened my eyes and you cheekily plunge yourself right onto my earthy brown sofa that looks irresistible even for someone as serious as you.

Perhaps you have been lingering over my shoulder for quite some time, or perhaps you have visited me back then, some where over the shadow of my dreams, calling upon me the serenity of a lullaby so soft but real that it almost burst into echoes of loneliness, yet somehow managed to squeeze out that extra tinge of happiness out of me.

Perhaps you have tip toed into my space and sat next to me, in this white sofa that almost drowns both of us in crazy imagination, perhaps it was that time when you make a cup of hot steamy tea to go with my lazy afternoon read of my favorite magazine.

Perhaps it was also the scent of my clothes left hanging on the rack that calls you over, time and time again, to bath in my scent of wild imagination and ideas that you could stay a while more longer. Perhaps it was simply just that lonely potted plan which hides in seclusion that calls for your little kind affection.

Perhaps all these are merely my overflowing sense of conjuring up a story within a story, like the moving images you see, leaping out from a favorite movie, heightened and mystified by the lights, sights and sound that make up the bigger picture of reality. That reality, is the reality of my love for the COLOUR of WHITE and BROWN, at this moment in time and space.

Thanks for dropping by and complete my dream of you *_^
All pictures via Still Inspiration blog here

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  1. hello there, love this inspirations pics! and I love the Aesop brand the one that is in the sink picture, have you ever try it?

    1. Hello Arely,

      We love these pics too! Oh, I have tried their clay/mud face mask quite some time back, I do like it pretty much as it cleanses the face quite thoroughly, but I have not tried the rest of the products from the brand though *_^

      Oh, I did try their cleanser, the travel size ones, they are pretty good too, as I remembered. Perhaps you can give them a try yourself?

      Thanks for dropping by! See you soon.


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