Friday, August 29, 2014

New David Jones Clutch And A Few Lovely Things

We have been on the look out for a new clutch or sling bag since the current one has decided to raise its white flag. We love sling bag as it is convenient. When it comes to handbags, here are some of our criterias to meet. 1. It has to have lots of separate compartments 2. It cannot be too heavy 3. It has to be reasonable in size.

Being a somewhat "organize" freak myself, I always look for bags that have a great deal of inside compartments, like pockets for mobile phone, keys, makeup items and what not so that all of my things can be organized properly. When I need to grab a certain item from my bag, it is always quick and easy *_^

I have learnt my lesson as I went along owning my handbags. I used to think that I need bigger bags to fit all my things, but I realized the bigger the bag, the more burden and stress that I am putting onto my shoulder (and subconsciously you tend to throw in more items into the bag since you know you can do so!). These days, I look for bag that is not too small, but nice enough to house all essentials. I try to "pack" light so that to ease the strain. 

I do try to stay away from handbags with heavy chain and chunky gold/silver straps as well. Those I feel are unnecessary extra weight, even though, I must admit, they look lovely, aesthetically. 

I spotted this David Jones clutch, which can also be doubled up as a cross body bag not long ago at Tangs in One Utama. I immediately fell in love with it as it met all my basic criterias. The best part is, it was on a real good 70% discounted rate (who doesn't love a sale *_^)

I have no regrets so far as it is effective and the earthy nude two-toned makes it easy to match with the dressing. Shown here are some of my recent favorites in the bag. I do have something in mind on my shopping wish list though. These two gem stones are calling out to me but they will have to wait, for now. The first one is a Meteorite Quartz and this other one right above is an Amethyst Pentacle Pendant. Both are available at Mynrose Imperium here. Aren't they lovely? If you are curious what is that small pink bottle that is in my clutch, more of the Andromeda Energy Oil Blends here.

We wonder what do you look out for when you buy your handbag? Would love to hear your thoughts *_^ Till we meet again, stay luminous and happy, always!

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  1. Great new purchase Jeann! This clutch looks both stylish and versatile and what a steal! I also try to look for bags that are as lightweight as possible and don't have any heavy hardware. I actually don't mind if they're bigger as long as they're light :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Thanks, it was a great buy and I am loving it *_^

      That's true, as long as it is light, but also must be to a certain extend, durable too, for me! Thanks for dropping by and say hi.



Thanks so much for dropping by and say hi. Love to hear your thoughts and will read them all! See you again *_^

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