Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Unveiling of Za Autumn/Winter 2014 Makeup and Skincare (Za Men too!)

Za as a brand has been pushing the envelope towards offering skincare and makeup products that work effectively at a very affordable price. Some time in October, 2013 we saw the launch of the Perfect Solution range, an all-round anti-aging skincare collection that targets to eliminate dullness and wrinkles. We have tried out the moisturizer from the range and have been liking it since. (previous event post here). This time around, we were very excited to see what new innovations that Za would be presenting at the TGV Indulge at One Utama. 

The atmosphere at The Indulge on a late morning was pretty cozy, we were straightaway greeted by the friendly Shiseido PR team, Nimi and Evonne, and were ushered to have a look at the latest range being showcased at the dimly lit lounge. We spotted the familiar pink-bottled range of Za Perfect Solution, what caught our eyes was the latest addition to the family, the Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum. We were also very much intrigued by the latest Za Autumn/Winter 2014 makeup range, which consists of two new makeup products highlighted - the new Za Gel Eyeliner and the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation.

All guests were then being escorted to the theatre for a surprise presentation. This was getting pretty interesting, feel as though we were heading to watch a movie! The lovely Patricia Khudson appeared as the emcee for the day and began the presentation of the brand, as well as the new products that are about to hit the market really soon. We were also been shown the Za Empowers Your Beauty brand movie that comes with the introduction of the new Za products. We also spotted Qi Wei, actress/singer, Nazha the actress, Mai Davika, actress model and the dashing Rhydian Vaughan, actor as their brand ambassadors in the short clip. We shall not go into the details of the product till our next blog post.

It was also the same time that Za proudly unveiled their very first Za Men's range, after many years of research, for the discerning male these days who also would love to take care of their skin (like we do *_^). The products did look quite standard with the dark blue grey colour palate packaging, designed specially to appeal to men and were shown to us by a few good looking young male models, as well as the guest appearances of local TV celebrities like William San and Jeffrey Cheng, to enliven the whole media launch.

The late morning culminated to a delightful lunch and we had a great catch up session with some blogger friends and the PR team. All of us walked away with a goodie bag of Za latest products (which we shall share with you our experience soon!).

Local male TV celebrities and actors, Jeffrey Cheng (left) and William San (right) at the Za media launch recently, with the rest of the young male models.

We are looking forward to our next event and wish that you are as well. Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum will be available nationwide tomorrow onwards (September!) while the Za Autumn/Winter 2014 new makeup items will be available starting October 2014 only. More of the brand news and updates here. Stay tuned for more updates from us!

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