Monday, January 26, 2015

[Inspiration] Natural Visualisation of MIR Creative

White - Stockholm/Sweden
Jaja & Kengo Kuma - Copenhagen/Denmark

Have you ever wondered what is our relationship with spaces and architectures around us? Do we inhabit that space which gives us inspiration or do we create a space that is inspiring to live or work in? We have always been very curious about design and architecture and we believe, human beings are naturally attracted to spaces, beautiful spaces especially. Don't we love to browse through pages and pages of interior design magazines, hoping that one day our own home space looks just like one from those pages? Well, we know we do *_^ 

NCC Danmark - Copenhagen/Denmark

Came across this beautiful company that does just that - creating stunning visuals of architecture that are breathtakingly captivating. According to the creative people at MIR, this is what they called Natural Visualisation. One of their principles in achieving this natural visualisation is natural lighting.  According to MIR, "A sensible relationship between light and shadow is the foundation of every Mir image. Architecture "becomes itself" when lit naturally". This is very intriguing.

Snøhetta - Hong Kong/Hong Kong
Koichi Takada architects - Sydney/Australia

MIR also believes that "nature provides a sense of time and space. Natural elements from the specific location sets the scene for the architecture - a rugged urban street in soft morning fog, heatwaves from the scorching sun in the dessert." We especially love those architecture seemingly hiding amidst the fog, as if not wanting to reveal its true self. Very illusive yet there is a certain sense of mysteriousness from the visuals.

BIG - St. Petersburg/USA
Aedas - Linkong/China
Iconic HQ, Big - Berlin/Germany

If you ask us, we suddenly have the urge to just pack our bags and go travel around the world, visiting all these wonderful places of architecture. It's amazing how a place with great design concept can do to you. Get to know more about MIR here and the rest of their work here. If you want to know how people at MIR work, check out their cool office here. We want to be there too! Yes, we would love to go Norway *_^ Norwegian have such great sense of style and aesthetics, we feel, and they seem to have a fascination with monochromatic theme in terms of colour palette, very muted and cool sort of tone. Does it have to do with their weather, we wonder?

All visuals via MIR website.

Hope you are traveling places and enjoy what life has to offer, be it manmade or all natural *_^ Have a great time, lovelies. Stay inspired and luminous, always.

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  1. These are some seriously stunning visualizations. I couldn't stop staring at the first one.
    Hope your week is off to a great start Jeann!

  2. I think Europeans in general tend to have an incredibly interesting perspective on architecture, interiors and form, mostly to do with modern structures. I think just growing with that kind of landscape in general and those old, old world surroundings tends to inspire like no other. At least I know this is what it does to me. Interesting find and thanks for sharing, I am currently drooling over the interiors of the NCC Copenhagen. I'd love to live in a place like that one day.


    1. Yes, Sonia. I believe I have to agree with you on that. Haha, I love that NCC space too! Don't we all love a piece of that in our real life one fine day.

      I guess we will have a taste of it, if we keep our hopes high *_^


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