Monday, January 5, 2015

[Inspiration] Style Crush: Shini Park of Park & Cube

Our relationship dates back to...hmm... perhaps two years back? Or perhaps longer. Even before LUMINNEJ came into existence, we have been reading (occasionally, on and off, we have to admit) about her adventures. Honestly, we were more obsessed with her lovely photography work. After a site revamp, we dropped off the radar for a while but since last year, we reconnected with her again. 

Of course, we write as if we know her personally, but in fact, we don't. It's just that sort of feeling, you know? When you read the blog, you love it so much that you feel as though you are part of that world, and some how, you kid yourself into thinking that, "Hey, we are good friends, right?". That beautiful world we fell in love with, way back, is Park & Cube by Shini Park.

Of late, what we love most, apart from the stunning visuals (of food, travel, objects, fashion), is her writing. She writes with a sense of humour that makes us smile. We love a woman who does not seem to take herself too seriously, and who seemingly does not intentionally draw a lot of attention towards her beauty, never realizing herself that, she is in fact, lovely. Quiet beauty indeed. Of course, let's not forget, the person behind those lens who captures the object of beauty of any fashion blogger, the person who holds the camera and compose those shots!

Born in Seoul, raised in Warsaw and now based in London (mostly, we think), this web designer/ photographer is great with her shots, and has a real keen eye for beauty and style. Her sense of fashion is something we love, simple and chic. She is one of those we see can pull off a simple outfit and still travel around the world in heels with ease *_^

"Welcome to a fresh new year! This year I’ve decided not to make any half-hearted resolutions because I have recently come to terms with the fact that my memory lasts about a week these days and I simply will not remember. If I were a memory stick I’d be one of the ancient 128MB ones that barely holds an MP3 nowadays (Is this why the Let it Go song is STILL stuck in my head) that my agent says would only be good enough to give to her seven-year-old sister. Yeah, that’s me."
"Today I start the first working day of 2015 as a web-designer-cum-blogger-cum-photographer-slash-I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE, but happy to know for a fact that I will be making more ‘read more’ buttons this year than last, and actually looking forward to it all."

Now isn't it great that these days, women take up multiple roles that we can't seem to draw a distinctive category to what we do anymore. Our love spreads across different areas in our lives, but most of all, we are happy doing what we do. We feel, that's what matters most, in the end. To add to that, do everything with your most passionate heart (and effort) and we feel, that in itself, is already very fulfilling.

Back to our style crush, we can't have enough good things to talk about this woman (perhaps it helps that we really love her simple makeup look or her witty words that never fail to entertain and brighten up our days, or maybe her design style in everything about her blog looks just... right *_^). We love everything about the blog and we shall put in more effort to keep her close to our radar, from here onwards *_^

Until then, enjoy the visuals and hope you will hop over to her blog here to check it out for yourself. Till our next style crush, enjoy a Korean number (which we have no idea what the lyrics is all about, but it sounds lovely!) and hope you will enjoy the rest of the week, lovelies.

All visuals via Park & Cube blog.

If you are curious who we had our crushes on previously, here for more *_^

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