Monday, January 19, 2015

M.A.C Keepsakes Lip And Eye Bags Take Centre Stage

Lunch date aside with our fabulous friends at M.A.C Cosmetics Malaysia, the afternoon was a really surprising one as we know our long-time friend is super busy with her work, but this time around, she made time to not only present us with an early Christmas gift (yeah, it was last year *_^), but also introduced us to her fabulous team member, the makeup artist who not only works backstage at fashion shows around the region, but also the one who makes all girls' dream come true - stay pretty and fabulous, with M.A.C Cosmetics! It was great fun to catch up with the team after such a long time.

This is long overdue but we really would love to share these two special sets that we got, simply because they not only come in exclusively packed glitteringly beautiful dainty black and white pouch respectively (can double up as dinner pouch, actually), they also contain some of the loveliest makeup products that you can get your hands on (while stocks last, lovelies *_^)

We were given M.A.C Keepsakes range - the Lip and Eye Collection. Thanks for pampering LUMINNEJ to the brim! 

M.A.C Keepsakes Lip Bag
This M.A.C Keepsakes Lip Bags come in three different choices - Red Lip Bag, Nude Lip Bag and Coral Lip Bag. We got the Coral one. It contains a Coral Bliss Lipstick, Razzledazzler Lipglass and a Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil.

Coral Bliss Lipstick is a frosty light coral (creme sheen) kind of shade, a cross between a red and nude lipstick, it glides on smoothly and leaves our lips with a wash of pink colour that goes well with our complexion as it brightens up the face ever so slightly. The Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil is a good one to match the lip colour as it defines the contour of our lip even further, if we wish to have a more polished look. Of course, if we wish to take the makeup look a notch up a little, we can always dab on a little of that Razzledazzler Lipglass. It will then give our lip a little sheen and catches some light. Don't we all love a little radiance here and there?

M.A.C Keepsakes Eye Bag
This M.A.C Keepsakes Eye Bag also comes in three different shade choices - Smoky Eye Bag, Plum Eye Bag and Brown Eye Bag. The Plum Eye Bag was presented to us. It comprises the In Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (Triple Impact and Round Midnight duo shades), In Extreme Dimension Lash (black) and Permaplum Powerpoint Eye Pencil.

In Extra Dimension Eyeshadow is an eyeshadow duo, comes in a sleek see-through rectangular casing, housing two shades of colours. Triple Impact is an opalescent pink, almost close to frosty silver-ish kind of cool undertone colour, absolutely cool for lower inner eye corner to brighten up that eye area, and also, we use it at the brow bone area to give the illusion of a slightly lifted eyebrow. Rich reddish plum is the main accent of the Round Midnight colour. This is almost close to a deep purple burgundy sort of colour shade and glides on really smoothly to intensify a smokey eye look. We really (seriously) love these two shades of eyeshadow! Rich in colour and contrasty enough to make the eye pop *_^ In Extreme Dimension Lash is a black mascara that creates quite a curl and it is not lumpy in texture. Loving the black intense colour. Last but not least, in this sleek shimmery black pouch is the Permaplum Powerpoint Eye Pencil. It's a deeply plum shade with a dark shimmer finishing that makes doing a cats eye seems pretty effortless.

Hands down, we are loving the Eye bag slightly more than the Lip Bag for now due to its intensity and the little details that goes into the duo eyeshadow. If one looks closely, you will see the wavy textured and layered design on them, with the tiny tiny M.A.C logos incorporated with it. Pretty cool.

We secretly wish that the texture of the Lipglass would be a little less thicker. But guess it is just us as we are not a huge fan of gloss, if you have been reading about what we think of gloss. Perhaps it is good to apply the "less is more" approach with the gloss then. Having said that, we are more of a lipstick sort of woman. That's just us *_^

Of course, the M.A.C Keepsake collections is way beyond these two sets mentioned here. It is a wide array of assortments and fun combinations of Keepsakes Eyes Palettes (Plum, Beige and Smoky) and Face Palettes (natural and smoky), iconic Brush Kits (Mineralized, Studio, In Extra Dimension), Exclusive Sets and even a Hanging Travel Bag. The most glamourous of all is the Keepsakes Viva Glamourous by Rihana! It comes in a red hot limited-edition pouch, with lipsticks featuring Riri's signature *_^ Isn't it gorgeous?

Well, we are not too sure if it is too late for you to grab your favourite sets, but no harm checking it out at any M.A.C stores around town. We are pretty sure you won't miss it as they are pretty eye-catchy with their iconic Keepsakes designs and packaging.

Keepsakes Lip Bag is retailed at RM168 and Keepsakes Eye Bag at RM258. More about the brand here.

Till then, have fun with your makeup *_^

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  1. These sets both look really nice. It's cool when gift sets actually come with different shade choices and the puch makes for a lovely makeup pouch as well.

    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start Jeann!

  2. You are right the packaging is so cool! I will have to pop in to my local MAC store.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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